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Chaplaincy team

First Holy Communion preparation

First Holy Communion preparation 1 The Focus Table was set up as a Sedar Plate.
First Holy Communion preparation 2 Cathy, Brian and Debbie prepared and served us.
First Holy Communion preparation 3 Friends sat together to share the Passover meal.
First Holy Communion preparation 4 Families joined together, too!
First Holy Communion preparation 5 Fr. Frank and some Prayer Partners joined in.
Welcome to the St. Peter's Chaplaincy Team page, which is full of information, links and updates about the work that we do in our school.
As a Catholic school we maintain very strong links with our parish chaplain priest, Father Daniel. He regularly comes into school to say Mass, support school events and sometimes just to talk to the children. We also have a school lay chaplain, Mrs. Connor, who provides a link between the school and the church. Mrs. Connor has selected a group of children to assist her in her duties and these children form our Chaplaincy Team. 

Chaplaincy Team 20117-18

Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 1
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 2
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 3
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 4
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 5
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 6
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 7
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 8
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 9
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 10
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 11
Chaplaincy Team 20117-18 12
Each member wrote a letter to apply for a position on the Chaplaincy Team. We met and talked about what we wanted to do this year. We are currently re-writing our whole-school prayer, where each class has an input to a line.  We will use a letter from the name of St. Peter to be the start of each line of the prayer.  Watch out for the final version to be printed here soon!

Sal's Shoes

Sal's Shoes 1

At the end of last academic year, St. Peter's pupils were invited to donate any shoes they had grown out of to a charity, Sal's Shoes.  Here is a picture of the shoes we collected on the last day of term!


CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018

CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018 1 Firstly, scaping vegetables!
CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018 2 Not more to peel and scrape!
CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018 3 Now for the chopping!
CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018 4 We cooked 32 litres of vegetable soup!
CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018 5 Pupils thought it was scrummylicious!
CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018 6 Please may I have some more?!
CAFOD Soup Day, Lent, 2018 7 Wow, we raised £308.00 for CAFOD! Nice one!