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Saint Peter's R.C. Primary School God is at the heart of our school

Class 1

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This term we are venturing back in time to learn about the Great Fire of London. We will be finding out what life  was like in the 17th century and what happened during this important event in history. We will be thinking about how we know about what happened during the fire. We will be doing lots of writing as part of our topic including a story, a diary and a news report. 

In science we will be learning about different materials and their properties. 



We love our reading area!

We love our reading area! 1
We love our reading area! 2
We love our reading area! 3
We love our reading area! 4
This week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have counted the faces and corners and thought about which shapes are good to roll or build a tower. We had great fun!

Day of the Eucharist


Children will continue to learn how to read using the Read Write Inc. phonics programme. They will be grouped according to their learning needs and assessed regularly in order to make sure that they are making the best progress. 


As well as daily reading lessons children will also be read with at least once per week. As it is extremely important that children practise the skills they learn in school, we expect them to read with an adult every day. 


We also develop writing skills in different parts of the curriculum and look forward to being able to share our best work on this page!

Class 1 Practical Maths


We use a Mastery Approach to teaching maths. This means that all children are working on the same topic and are expected to make progress in each lesson. If a child has reached mastery they will have a deep, secure and fluent understanding of the subject, which they can reason with and apply to a range of situations. WE make sure that children get the support they need or are challenged by using quick intervention  or deeper understanding.


The school is taking part in a whole school project linked to ‘the heart which sees’ (the follow on from the year of Mercy). The project is called ‘Where is the love?’. Each class will focus on an area and will make a class pledge for how they are going to show love where it is needed/how they are going to act.

Our class focus is Caring/families. We will be looking for opportunities to show families that we care for one another - it may be our family at home, our St Peter's family or our parish family.  

Our Prayer Space

Our Prayer Space 1
Our Prayer Space 2
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