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Saint Peter's R.C. Primary School God is at the heart of our school


Welcome to Reception!


We are very pleased to welcome you and your child to Reception class and to our very own webpage. On this page you will find lots of information about all of the exciting things that are going on in Reception. Please make sure that visit it regularly to keep up to date with what is happening. You will also be able to access our weekly newsletter via this page.

Our topic for the second half of the Summer Term is 'Tell Me A Story.' In this topic we will be looking at different authors and their work. Our stories this half term will be have chapters and spread over several days. This will help the children to develop the ability to tackle 'longer read' chapter books as they get older.

Our featured authors will include Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and L. Frank Baum. We will also have the opportunity to meet a real-life author!

During this topic the children will be having a go at writing their own stories, creating artwork based around characters from specific books, and undertaking activities and challenges based around events from the stories - the first of which will be a Famous Five themed treasure hunt!

There is also a new homework grid based around this topic. Your child will have brought home a new grid, but you can also find the grid in the homework section of this page. 

Year 6 Leavers Song

This is the song we are learning to sing to our friends in Year 6 on Wednesday. The words to the verses we are learning are on the back of this weeks newsletter. Please practise this at home so that we can make it the best as we can for Year 6.


In R.E. we follow the 'Come & See' program which is also followed by other Catholic schools in our diocese.

The 'Come & See' program allows the children to explore the life and teachings of Jesus through Bible stories, discussion, prayer and personal reflection and meditation. As with the rest of our curriculum, we ensure that the delivery of R.E. is through hands-on, play based learning and is presented in a style and manner that is meaningful to the children.

Our current RE topic is 'Friends,' which is part of the reconciliation theme.  

Christians believe that, in Jesus Christ, the world has been reconciled to God. Through and in Christ, every human being is offered the power to reach out in forgiveness and peace, to receive and to offer reconciliation.

St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, wrote:

“But now in Christ Jesus, you that used to be so far apart from us have been brought very close, by the blood of Christ. For he is the peace between us, and has made the two into one and broken down the barrier which used to keep them apart, actually destroying in his own person the hostility caused by the rules and decrees of the Law.(Ephesians 2:14-15)

 We were really impressed by your response to our 'Must Do Missions' homework that we launched last term. It was really lovely seeing all of the hard work and dedication that you and your child put into the tasks. You now have a new 'Must Do Missions' sheet in your child's homework book. Remember your child needs to complete at least one of these activities each week. When they have completed an activity sign the corresponding square on the grid and return the homework to us on Tuesday for marking. If your child has sent their homework digitally please write this in their homework book so that Mr. Wright and Mrs. Carter know that it will be in their emails.

We will then have an homework award in class at the end of each term, and any homework completed has the chance to be nominated for the whole school Homework Award that is given out in Achievement Assembly on the first Friday of every month.

(A copy of the homework grid can be accessed by clicking the link below)

Weekly Newsletter


Each Friday you will receive a class newsletter letting you know what we have been doing that week, what we plan to do the following week and also any other important dates or information. You can also access a digital copy of this letter by clicking on the link below.


Other Letters Sent Home


Please click on the links below to access any other letters sent home that are specific to Reception.

Our Learning Journeys

We hope that you have had the chance to look through your child's online learning journey since we gave you your login details at parents evening. (If you were not able to make parents evening please come and see Mr. Wright and Mrs. Carter asap so that we can give you your login details). To make accessing the Early Essence site even quicker there is a link below that will take you straight to the login page. Remember to make sure that you login using the parent area.

On Thursday we came in to our classroom to find that Fudge, the pet hamster, had mysteriously disappeared. We made it our mission to find out where Fudge was. Armed with our notebooks we searched the school, interviewing different people along the way. We searched high and we searched low but Fudge could not be found. Classes 2,3 and 5 even joined us in our quest to find the missing pet.

When she could not be found we decided to make missing posters so that the whole school could help to find Fudge.

On Friday, however, we received a postcard from Fudge telling us that she was on holiday! We were glad that she was safe and sound.


We have had lots of parents telling us that their children have lost various pieces of uniform. Please can you check that your child has not brought home a piece of uniform belonging to somebody else by mistake. If they have please return it to school as soon as possible so that we can reunite it with the right owner. As part of developing their maturity we are trying to instill a sense of responsibility in the children by reminding them that they are responsible for any belongings they bring to school, especially uniform. By ensuring that all items belonging to your child are clearly labeled with their name helps to reinforce this feeling of responsibility for the item. It also helps to match the item to the correct child. Don't forget that if your child has lost a piece of clothing that is not in the classroom you can always check the lost property bins which are currently situated in the infant playground. Thank you for your support.

Defying Gravity Instrumental Version

It will be our class assembly on Friday 27th April. It will be about believing in yourself and having the courage to take risks and follow your dreams. One of the songs that we will be singing is 'Defying Gravity' which is all about believing in yourself. This video is a backing track of the song, and it is what we will be singing along to in our assembly. Please make sure that you use the words on the newsletter to practise with as some of the words on the video are slightly different. Thank you.

Defying Gravity Lyrics for our assembly


We have started learning our sounds in phonics which will help us with our reading. It has been great to see how many of you have been practising the sound sheets at home.

We follow the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. phonics scheme at St. Peter's. Every day your child will learn a new sound based around a fun picture. They will also get the chance to use these sounds when reading with Fred the Frog, and also when writing some simple words. To help your child practice these sounds at home please keep completing the sound sheets that they are getting, but you can also visit the Ruth Miskin website where you will find lots of useful parent resources that you could use at home. Please click on the link below to access the website.

Picture 1

We have looked at our school Mission Statement - God is at the heart of our school. We have thought about how we can live out our Mission Statement in our day to day lives and be part of the St Peter's family. To show that we are going to do our best in living out the Mission Statement we have signed it by drawing a picture of ourselves and writing our names, and then placing these around the Mission Statement.

Mother's Day Video

Still image for this video
We hope that you enjoyed our role in the whole school Mother's Day assembly on Friday (9th March). If you were unable to attend (or if you just want to see it again) here is the video montage we played as we handed out the daffodils.

'Farming' Assembly Song Instrumental Version

This is the music for the song that we will be singing in our class assembly on Friday 25th May. Please practise the song at home. You will need to use the lyric sheet that has been sent home, or you can download a new copy of the lyric sheet from the website

'Farming' song lyrics

Our Trip To The Pantomime!

Pyjama Day


On Friday 10th November we had a pyjama day when we spent the whole day in our pyjamas! In the afternoon we went and spent some time with our friends in year 5 building dens and sharing stories. We had lots of fun.

Harry Potter Week 23rd - 27th October 2017

Have You Registered Your Child For School Milk Yet?

Milk is free at school until your child turns 5.

After this time you can pay for your child
to continue having it.
You MUST register if you wish your child to have milk whether it is free or paid for.
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