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Virtual Achievement Assembly 10th July

Whole School News


This is the last ‘Virtual Assembly’ of the year! It’s a big one so make yourself comfortable! Parts of this assembly replace the big awards assembly we do at the end of the year - we have given out the big shields for 'whole year achievement' and we have shared the presentations below. We also said a very different goodbye to our Year 6 bubbles outside in the rain! We are working on ways to carry on with our monthly achievement assemblies next term with classes remaining in bubbles as we are not allowed to put the whole school together in the hall. We are committed to retaining our 'family feel' at St. Peter's and will find alternative ways to bring our family together.  

Covid Dojo Award

This week's award goes to:

Reception - Luca and Jacob

Year 1 - James, Theo, Reggie, William R and Edward 

Year 2 - Slater and Johnette

Year 3 - Ciara and Leo

Year 4 - Millie Neale and Seth

Year 5 - Sophie and Rocky

See ClassDojo class pages for the reasons why!

Our bubble stars!

Our bubble stars this week are:

Reception bubble 1 - Dara

Reception bubble 2 - Ianis

Year 1 bubbles - Maks, Alfie, Ronan, Errol, Amelia, Finley, Ella, William PW, Noah, Millie, Bella, Hannah, Eva, Phoebe, Arnie, Ayva, Daisy-Mai, Jasmira, Lace, Olly and Isaac

Year 6 bubble 1 - Oliver

Year 6 bubble 2 - Sandra

See ClassDojo class pages for the reasons why!

The staff would like a shout out for Mrs. Preston who has completed her NQT year under very unusual circumstances! She was teaching Year 3 before lockdown, a Reception bubble since our partial return and will have her very own year 3 class in September! We are very proud of her versatility and ability as a teacher. We are lucky to have her. 
The staff would also like a shout out for Mrs. OBrien who used to work at St. Peter's as part of our SEN team. She left us to pursue a speech therapy degree but has maintained a part time role in order to share her excellent skills. She passed her degree with flying colours and we are very proud of her. Another wonderful success story!
Mrs. Connor would like us to celebrate the fact that we raised £50 for CAFOD with our silver coin football pitch challenge! 

The Reception team want to say how proud we are of all of our children for being such an amazing class and coping so well during a difficult year. Special shout out to our parents for being so supportive! (Mrs. White and Mrs. Coghlan LOVED looking at their portfolios during lockdown). 

Well done Penelope in Reception for joining in with Mr. Burgess' games. 

....... and look at Emmett's painting of Mr Wright!

Well done to Shinead and Lana who have both settled into Reception Bubble 2 really well and have been working hard each day. 

Well done William PW in Year 1 for some lovely writing based on a picture in our ‘Busy Books’ time this week. He used some lovely adjectives to describe the forest in the picture.

Well done Ella for working very hard this week on her words. 

Amelia was able to label the different parts of a goldfish and discover some interesting fishy facts. Her favourite fact was that goldfish don’t have scales on their heads!

Not only has Noah been working hard at school, but he has also been working hard at home finding out about dinosaurs. He used dojo to share some pictures that he had painted of all the different dinosaurs that he had been finding out about.

Year 1 bubble 1 have been thinking about what makes a good neighbour, and in RE this week we ‘created’ a good neighbour by filling in the outline of a person with all the attributes that the children thought this person needed to be a good neighbour. They thought very carefully and came up with some really lovely ideas.

In Year 1 Bubble 2 Arnie has amazed us with his maths over the last few weeks. His enthusiasm and speed to answer is amazing! Well done Arnie!


Olly-Ray did some amazing writing in his letter to Mrs Woolman this week. He really wanted to show that he is ready for Year 2, well done!


Eva has worked so hard this week and is always smiling! We are looking forward to welcoming you back as a Year 2 after the summer. 


Daisy-Mai has shown good perseverance this week with her learning. Keep it up Daisy-Mai! 


All of Bubble 2 have blown Mrs Woolman and Mrs Smith away over the last 6 weeks! We are so thankful to have had this time to get to know you and we can’t wait to be together as a whole after the summer. :-)


Mr Wright would like to give a shout out to all of Bubble 2 who created a video of the Year 2 classroom for their friends in Bubble 1, showing them where all of the different things are. Well done Bubble 2. We’ve missed you in our Bubble, but we also know how amazing you have been for Mrs Woolman and Mrs Smith during these last six weeks. They are both very lucky to be having you and Bubble 1 as their class after the summer holiday!
Mrs. Woolman and Mrs. Smith would like to say thank you and well done to all of the children in Class 2 for working so hard on their home learning over the last few months and to all of those that have posted regularly and have shown us some absolutely amazing work, you have kept us smiling! :-) Have a wonderful summer, you all deserve it!

Toby in Class 3 has seen the results his caring side this week. After taking care of this rose in his garden that had been there for 50 years. He has pruned it, washed the leaves with washing up liquid and made sure it was watered. On Monday he received this reward! 

Amelie has been practicing her golf swing with her Dad at the driving range.

Noah has completed some super work despite a busy week with his Dad’s birthday - well done for staying focused Noah!

Eva has taken part in a zoom Brownies class, making hand puppets.

Finley has mastered his swing in golf!

Ethan got to ride in a tractor!

To all of the children in Year 6 whether they are at home or in school. As we approach the end of our final full week in Y6, we would like to say how immensely proud we are of all of you. It isn’t the ending to the Year we hoped for, but just know that we have enjoyed teaching every single one of you, and would like to wish you every success for the future.   ....the Year 6 team. 

Reception award

Every year we give out a special award to a Reception child who has really stood out throughout the year. They receive a shield which they can keep for the summer and engrave with their name. This week we awarded the shield to Gracie Myatt in front of her friends and teachers. She's an all round star and we are very proud if her. 

Key Stage 1 Awards

Our runners up for the Key Stage 1 awards this year are Ben and Isabella. We presented the shields to them in front of very proud socially distanced parents outside!  ..... This is why .....


Boy runner up: Ben Wesson

Ben has amazed us with his perseverance and determination this year. Despite challenges with his health, Ben has continued to grow and go above and beyond in his learning. His quirkiness and sense of humour has kept us all laughing and smiling! He has a real passion for science and we hope to see this continue in the future! Never change Ben!


Girl runner up: Isabella Edwards

Isabella is an absolute delight! We have loved every minute of teaching her. Her constant smile and positive attitude is inspirational. She is a very talented artist and her work ethic has enabled her to make so much progress this year. We couldn’t be more proud of her. Well done Bella!


Our Key Stage 1 winners are ...... Dawid and Evelyn!

.... This is why .....


Boy winner: Dawid Kulicki

Dawid is an amazing young man! He makes us proud every moment of every day. His work ethic is second to none. His love for learning is inspirational and his artistic flair has grown and wowed us! Dawid has excelled in KS1 and we are so excited to see what the future holds for him because he has the ability to be anything he wants to be. 


Girl winner: Evelyn Curtis

We just love Evelyn! What a star she is! She is always ready to learn and likes to challenge herself. She has a beautiful nature and has been a pleasure to teach. We can see you going far in life Evelyn!




Our Year 6 leavers

Miss Pritchett and Mrs. Leadbetter have been working hard to make this week special for Year 6, despite being divided into two separate bubbles. On a rainy Thursday afternoon, Year 6 celebrated the end of term with a BBQ outside. They were joined by Mrs. White and Mrs. Coghlan who were carrying some very special awards. 

Firstly, Mrs. White gave out the traditional Year 6 gift to each child - this is a keepsake made by Mrs. Leadbetter which is usually linked to the Year 6 liturgy.

Next, Mrs. White gave the runner up KS2 shields to two very deserving children - this is why......


Girl Runner up: Jessie Clarke
Jessie has been the perfect example of a model Year 6 pupil. She never arrives at school without a beaming smile; and her positive attitude towards everything is infectious. Because of this, Jessie has excelled in all areas of her school life, and we have been particularly impressed with her imaginative stories and creative art work. Jessie treats everyone with kindness and she has made a lasting impression on all of us. Jessie we are so proud of you, and wish you every success for the future. 


Boy Runner up: Isaac Walker

Isaac is just a ray of sunshine. His bright sense of humour and sharp wit has us all in stitches and he often raises the spirits of all in the class. Isaac has worked hard to make good progress in Y6 and he should be proud of his efforts. Isaac is never afraid to stand up for what is right and I have enjoyed listening to the many thoughtful contributions he has made in lessons. Isaac is an asset to the school and we will be sorry to see him go. Well done Isaac. 

..... and the KS2 winners are.... Katie and Max!  

.... this is why ....


Girl Winner:  Katie Myatt 

We have nothing but praise to offer Katie. She is just fabulous. Katie is one of those children who just gets on with things! She always listens attentively in lessons and gives 110% to any piece of work. We have been particularly impressed by how this effort continued throughout lockdown in her home-learning projects.  As a result, Katie has flourished this year and has made progress to be proud of. When asked to describe Katie the words polite, kind, and superstar spring to mind immediately. She is truly a deserving winner and she should be extremely proud of herself. 


Boy Winner: Max Skelton 

Everyone who meets Max instantly loves him! Max is a bright and studious child who doesn’t let his talents go to waste. He has brightened many of our days with his humorous jokes and hilarious impressions. Max always puts others before himself and is always willing to help both staff and his peers. Max is not afraid to try new things and relishes a challenge. I’m sure everyone would agree that our class has been made better because of Max, and he deserved every ounce of success which I am sure will come to him. 


Summer birthdays!

These are our summer babies! They all have birthdays before our first achievement assembly on 3rd September. 

Lillyarna in Y3 has a birthday on 12th July

Niya in Y3 has a birthday on 13th July

Oliver in Y6 has a birthday on 14th July

Oliver  H in Y2 has a birthday on 15th July

Kye in Y6 has a birthday on 16th July

Dara in Reception has a birthday on 17th July

Jonathan in Y4 has a birthday on 18th July

Ronan and Ayva in year 1 and Iris in Y6 all have birthdays on 22nd July

Emily in Y3 and Zaine in Y5 both have birthdays on 24th July

Charlie in Y5 has a birthday on 25th July

Bianca in Reception has a birthday on 26th July

Luca in Reception, Harry and Oliver in Y5 all have birthdays on 27th July

Noah in Y1, Aleksandra in Y5 and Paris in Y6 all have birthdays on 28th July

Riley in Reception has a birthday on 29th July

Harlan in Y3 has a birthday on 31st July

Leo in Y3, Victoria in Y4 and Jessica in Y5 all have birthdays on 2nd Aug

William in Y1 has a birthday on 3rd Aug

Harry in Y1 has a birthday on 6th Aug

Cruz in Reception has a birthday on 11th Aug

Max in Y6 has a birthday on 14th Aug

Jack in Y3 has a birthday on 16th Aug

Eva in Y1 and Skye in Y2 both have birthdays on 17th Aug

Hannah in Y1 has a birthday on 20th Aug

Slater in Y2 has a birthday on 22nd Aug

Kelsie in Y6 has a birthday on 23rd Aug

Oliver in Y5 has a birthday on 24th Aug

Elmore in Y4 has a birthday on 25th Aug

Isaac in Y1 and Maisie in Y3 both have birthdays on 29th Aug

Kaci-Marie in Y2 has a birthday on 30th Aug