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Virtual Achievement Assembly 11th September

Whole School News
This is the first of our monthly virtual assemblies - they will work in a similar way to the ones we published during lockdown but will focus on work completed in school as well as out of school achievements. We appreciate that many out of school activities have been suspended but it's still important for us to recognise the skills and talents of our children at school. Please email Mrs. Coghlan at if you wish to celebrate your child's achievements on this platform. Teachers will be sharing this online assembly with their classes today on their big screens. 

It's really appropriate to begin with this lovely message from Jacob and James Wright's Mum to kick off our weekends!


"I think all the children deserve recognition for the recent lockdown, homeschool and adapting to our new world with COVID-19 they have all been amazing!"

To recognise this, Jacob and James' mum bought them a lockdown medal in the summer holiday, for being amazing during lockdown and for working so hard with their homeschooling. They are happy to be back at school and their mum said this:


"All the staff have help them settle back in and they are loving it, even though it’s a little different."


The teachers are running our normal award system based on the amount of Dojos children get. You can follow this at home on your Dojo App. Here is a reminder of the awards:


100 Dojos - Award given out in class - this is a colourful certificate

250 Dojos - The children get a personalised Dojo bookmark which is usually presented at the monthly assemblies.

500 Dojos - The children get a personalised badge which they are allowed to wear on their school uniform.

750 Dojos - The children are awarded with a book in Assembly.

1000 Dojos - The children are awarded with a framed certificate in Assembly and they are also eligible for the whole school shields at the end of the year. 


We are not far enough into the school year to see these awards yet but watch this space! This Assembly will replace the big monthly ones in the hall for the time being. Mrs. White and Mrs. Coghlan will deliver awards through the classroom door! 


However! Zara from year 5 has managed to get 13 dojos since being back at school! Incredible! Also, Sophie and Oskar from Year 6 both have 8 Dojos - they have been superstars this week and have worked incredibly hard. 


A shout out for Luca in year 1 who learned to ride a 2 wheeled scooter in the summer holiday! Well done Luca!
..... also Emmett from Year 1 learned how to ride a 2 wheeled bike without stabilisers during the summer holidays.
Mrs. Preston would like to mention Noah Loke from Year 3 for always contributing to lessons and getting on with work without being prompted. Also a shout out for Laylah. She sits and listens then tries very hard in all subjects.
Noah D from Year 4 sent the Queen a poem he had written and a card wishing her well. This was his reply from the queen's lady in waiting!
Millie from Year 5 created an amazing space mobile at home! It must have taken her ages!
Serena from Year 6 has been at it again! Over the summer she has applied for three Blue Peter badges to add to her growing collection (she already has three including the sport and diamond badge) This is the silver badge:
......another badge arrived just in time for this assembly, a green one! She got it for making a poster about how to save the oceans from plastic pollution and over fishing. Well done Serena!

We can't sing in school at the moment but it's still important for us to remember our birthday children! I wonder if there's a sign language version we can use?


Olly-Ray from Year 2 has a birthday today! Happy birthday Olly-Ray!

TJ from Year 6 has a birthday on 18th September

Talia from Year 1 and Evelyn from Reception both have birthdays on 19th September

Jasmira from Year 2 has a birthday on 23rd September

Noah and Eden from Year 5 both have birthdays on 27th September

Riley from Year 5 has a birthday on 29th September