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Virtual Achievement Assembly 2nd October


Please see Mrs White's Friday letters for parent updates - they are full of important information, including measures in place to keep your children safe during the pandemic. 


Miss Pritchett is very pleased with Oliver Burton who has received 12 dojos this week! The Year 6 team are are very pleased with his hard work and commitment.



Well done to Reception for getting changed for PE (and back again!)


Well done for managing their first minute of Meditation - Sophie told the teachers that it made her feel calm. 


A special mention for Millie in for working so hard to write her name on her own. 


A big shout out to Evie for doing her own drawing of things and people that are precious to her.


Amelie is joining in so well with phonics and Logan is working hard on holding his pencil properly.


Archie's Daddy wants to share this proud moment with us:

"Archie helped his daddy with a couple of community litter picks which were part of our Neighbourhood Watch Scheme events.   He has helped out on two of these now where we have collected over 20 bags of rubbish.  Archie often points out areas that are heavily littered and suggests we clean it up often making sure daddy sorts it out or reports it. "

Teigan has learnt to ride a bike without any assistance at all. Literally wanted to have a go and managed straight away. Lots of family bike rides now!

Evelyn has been learning to ride her bike, she is doing brilliantly and gaining confidence every day. On her adventures she has been collecting autumnal

items such as conkers, acorns, leaves, feathers and sticks to make pictures at home.

Alex's Dad is very proud of him for riding his bike without stabilisers. This picture was taken on the 3rd day!  

Miya's parents are very proud of her achievements!

"She has been trying for months before lockdown to master doing monkey bars and the other week when we were out at a country park she managed to do them, turn around at the end and go back the other way too!"

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Shinead deserves a shout out for trying hard with her sounds both at home and at school.


Mr Wright is very pleased with Ianis for trying very hard with his sounds.


Riley persevered with some tricky maths this week when we were using the symbols for greater than and less than.


Sophia for trying hard to write sentences with verbs in them.


Lana McClure was especially brave going for her flu vaccination (injection) this week. Her parents said that she was super brave!


Gracie with a little help from her big sister applied for her first Blue Peter badge. She made a save the world poster to earn herself a green badge.



Jacob Jobson - Shout out for settling into St. Peter’s really well, working so hard and doing some amazing science work!


Bella Booth - Shout out for working so hard in all areas and showing a wonderful attitude towards her learning!


Harry Wilson - Shout out for super reading and impressing us all!



Sebastian - For lots of reading at home and always remembering his book for school.


Francesca - has been enthusiastic in all subjects and doing extra science research at home! Francesca also achieved a recreational standard in skiing at the SnowDome!


George received Man of The Match on Sunday for his great tackling and determination. He's starting to run with the ball more and more so good progress!

Nataliia - for completing extra maths at home and earning herself certificates.



Lillyarna for her amazing contributions to this week's work on negative numbers.


Alana Flynn has been working extra hard in school and at home - we have seen such an improved growth mindset. 


Harlan has been noticed for working independently in maths and for encouraging others when they are struggling. 


Santino achieved a recreational standard in skiing at the SnowDome!


Emily Lebek passed her Jujitsu grading this Wednesday and now has orange belt, which her parents are very proud of. She has also just been transferred to stage 3 group in her swimming class.


Noah Dewis for embracing Spelling Shed! He maintained his position at the top of the league for a whole week. Also, over the summer Noah applied for 5 different blue peter badges, he has since received his first one. He is very proud of this.




Maggie - shout out for always being ready to learn and always working her hardest! 


Victoria for always working hard in class. She even went home and continued class work last week! Amazing mind-set! 


Noah for working very hard and having a positive attitude.


Eva wrote a lovely thank you letter  to the Park Run marshalls as part of her final badge for Brownies. 


Maria took her First Holy Communion on Sunday. She had a wonderful time and looked fabulous! 



Grace- It’s not always easy settling into a new school- especially in the middle of a pandemic! However, Grace has settled into Class 6 extremely well and we love having her, 


Serena achieved a recreational standard in skiing at the SnowDome!


Will is part of Earl Shilton Town Cricket Club juniors where he has been attending lessons and participating in matches with other St Peter students. His parents are very proud of him. 


"In our last outdoor lesson of the season, he won the prize for most accurate batting, scoring the most points in his event. Well done Will!"

Year three battled Year four last week and won! Well done Year three! The challenge is on Year four!

A big St. Peter's Happy Birthday chachacha to the following children who all have birthdays before the next assembly:


Nancy in Y1 has a birthday tomorrow

Isaac in Y6 - 5th October

Nevaeh in Reception - 6th October

Gracie Y1 9th - October

Ianis in Y1 - 15th October

Millie in Reception - 20th October

Lok in Reception and Isabella in Y5 both have birthdays on 21st October

Jack Harrison in Y4 - 22nd October

Eli in Y4 - 26th October

Emme in Y5 - 27th October

Alfie in Y2 - 30th October

Ava-Rose in Y3 - 31st October

Ben Wesson in Y3 - 4th November

Zach Campbell Y4 - 5th November