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A Message from Pope Francis -Pope Francis' special video to pray for an end to the pandemic#PrayForTheWorld

In a special edition of "The Pope Video", the Holy Father asks us to pray for the sick and the suffering, while thanking all those who, united and regardless...

Welcome to St. Peter's

Our children are encouraged to live out their faith in everything they do. We believe that we are a family who share the values needed to make us well rounded people who show kindness and compassion. We draw on God's strength to guide us through our school days and we celebrate our successes. We regularly enhance our Christian lives by working together on a common goal, sometimes in groups, sometimes in classes and sometimes as a whole school. Many of these events follow the liturgical year, but others are motivated by special occasions organised within our diocese or Catholic Academy. We also encourage our children to think about people less fortunate than ourselves and we respond to world events.

Singing at Tom Eatough Court 28th June 2019

Ash Wednesday 2019


    During lent, we think about Jesus and why he spent 40 days and nights in the desert. We use His example to analyse our own lives and think about ways in which we can be better people. Each Wednesday, a Key Stage 2 class focus on an aspect of lent and what it means to us.

    We begin with Year 6 who explain how Jesus responded to temptation in the desert and how that applies to our modern lives.

    Year 5 children explain the meaning of John 9:1-12 which tells us about Jesus healing a man who was born blind. They explain how our lives can change if we open our eyes to God.

    Year 4 remind us of John 4:5-15 when Jesus meets a woman at a well. They explain that faith is essential to our spiritual life, just as water is necessary for survival.

    Year 3 tackle the tricky subject of the transfiguration of Christ. They do this by drawing a parallel between God's brilliance and the life giving properties of the sun.

    These short liturgies are thoughtful, prayerful and a fitting way to think about Jesus and his ministry as we approach one of the most significant events of the liturgical calendar. 

Core Values Day 13th Feb 2019

Living Nativity December 2018

Community Nativity Festival December 2018

Earl Shilton Methodist Church Nativity Festival

Advent Service 2018 St. Simon and St. Jude