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De Montfort Hall, Friday 6th December 

Important Information


Children will be collected by coach from St Peters Earl Shilton at 9:20am on the morning of Friday 6th December. They need to be in normal school uniform and need their break time snack AND lunch with them. We are aiming to arrive at De Montfort Hall by 9:40am. 



On arrival, the children will be taken to their seats in the balcony. Each student will be provided with a programme containing the words to the carols. The main rehearsal will commence at 10 a.m. prompt and will finish at 12 noon. The children will have their lunch before our individual rehearsal slot booked for 1pm.


Individual rehearsals will commence immediately after the rehearsal for the prayer. Schools will be called forward for their ten minute slots, whilst waiting students can eat their packed lunches while sitting in the stalls. Each school is free to leave as soon as they have rehearsed their individual item.


On the evening of the concert, children will assemble in the Garden Suite no earlier than 6.30 and no later than 6.45 p.m. Children need to be presented in their school uniforms: Black shoes, navy tights and skirts (girls) or school trousers (boys or girls) with blue school shirt and tie (cardigans/jumpers not needed due to heat on stage). Hair needs to be presented neatly, but Mr Payne is not specifying up or down. 'School Photo' look would be perfect! 


To access the Garden Suite enter DMH via main entrance, turn right at the box office and left at the end of the corridor - the Garden Suite is on the right. Bags coats etc. can be left in the Garden Suite. Each student should be accompanied to the Garden Suite by one parent/carer only, who must leave this area as soon as the student is met by Mr Payne (there is not room for parents to remain in this room - go and take your seats ready for the concert to start!).


All students will be lined up and ready to mount their position on the balcony at 6.55 p.m ready for the concert to commence at 19:15.


At the end of the concert the compere, Brian Kennedy, will give instructions regarding dismissal of the students from the Garden Suite. Please ensure that only one parent/carer collects each student - do not take them without informing Mr Payne. He will need to tick your children off the list. 


I cannot wait for you to be a part of our carol concert, and if I've missed anything off this list of FAQs please don't hesitate to email


Mr Payne