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Class 5

Welcome to Year 5's Class Page  2021/2022

Class Teachers: Mrs Moore and Mrs Charity

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Purser, Mrs Young and Mrs Kilgallen

Our classroom...

Year 5 Curriculum Overview


In year 5 our reading and writing lessons are usually based around good quality books and texts with an aim to enrich the students' vocabulary and comprehension.


We use Talk4Writing teaching styles to enable all children to succeed. 

Our fiction unit this half term will focus on using dialogue in our writing. 

Our non-fiction unit this half term will focus on writing our own newspaper report

Our Class Book

This half term we will be reading Private Peaceful:


We base our lessons around White Rose Maths.

Year 5 RE Come and See


Our unit this half term will be Properties and Changing Materials


Take a look at the following videos if you're feeling curious...


We will be learning about Crime and Punishment this half term, and how it has changed through history.

Take a look at these videos if you're feeling curious... or if you dare!

Physical Education

In year 5 we know how important keeping fit and healthy is. We do two PE lessons a week. This half term we will be getting flexible in our gymnastic lessons and learning skills for different invasion games.


Our PE lessons take place on a Tuesday and a Thursday - don't forget your PE kit!

Other things that we will be learning this half term:


Art - Every picture tells a story

Looking at the meaning behind art, children: analyse the intentions of Banksy; make ink symmetry prints inspired by psychologist Rorschach; tell a story using emojis; use drama to recreate a poignant war scene and are inspired by the ceramic work of Magdalene Odundo, to work expressively outside.


Computing - Online Safety

Children will learn how to alter application permissions, consider the positive and negative aspects of online communication, understand that online information is not always factual, learn how to deal with online bullying and think about the effect that technology has on our health and wellbeing. 


Music - Composition Notation

Based on the theme of Ancient Egypt, children learn to identify the pitch and rhythm of written notes and then experiment with notating their compositions in different ways to help develop their understanding of staff notation.


French - Space Exploration

This unit transports children into space, developing their scientific vocabulary as well as their grammar. Pupils develop their listening and language detective skills, use figurative language and develop their sentence structure by adding adjectives, using prepositions and making simple adjectival comparisons. 

Year 5 Homework