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Here are the lessons for today's learning. Scroll down the page to find the lesson that you are looking for. The lessons are laid out in the order that appear on the 'Example of What A Day of Remote Learning Might Look Like' document on our Year 1 Remote Learning home page.

What's happening today?

Click on the red link below to watch a video of our visual timetable, and see what jobs you have lined up for today.

Handwriting Lesson

Today in handwriting, we are learning to practice writing the letters that belong to the 'Long Ladders' letter family. Today we will focus on writing the letter l. As an extra challenge see if you can write some words beginning with the letter l. Click on the red link below to access the lesson video.


You all have the link to the lessons related to the sound sets that your child is learning. Your child also needs to look at the spelling videos as part of their phonics too. These have been shared with you. Start from lesson 1 of these videos and do 1 a day. They are working retrospectively, so your child should be starting to get familiar with the sounds they are being asked to spell with. If you cannot find your link or you have forgotten which sounds your child is learning please send me a message on Dojo.


Visit the Oxford Owl website to access their free e-library, which has Read Write Inc Phonics books to match where your child is at in phonics, and book banded books to match your child's school reading book level. You all have the login details for our class account to this site, but if you can't remember it please send me a message on Dojo.


You can also use books from your child's own book shelf for reading together, and you can now also join Earl Shilton's digital library. Don't worry if you're not a member of Earl Shilton Library, you can now join online. Just follow the link:

Physical Activity

This week we're going to Mousercise with Mickey and the Gang. Complete the short video workout with Mickey, then use the picture to join in with the Mousercise workout that we do in school. Have fun Mousercisers. If you complete both Mousercise tasks each day and post them on to your Dojo portfolio you will earn yourself a special Mousercise certificate!

Goofy's Sprinkling Can.mp4

Still image for this video

Mousercise Dance Medley.mp3


Today in Literacy we are thinking about questions. We will be looking at some of the features of question sentences, and then you will have a go at writing some questions of your own to find out about a very special person. You can access the video lesson by clicking the red link below.


Following on from yesterday's Maths activity we are going to think more about adding on by making 10.

5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

Take a few moments today for this Mindfulness Meditation activity. We always start every afternoon with some meditation just to help us, relax, focus and turn off from the business of the day for a few minutes. Click on the red link below to access the meditation.

Art & Design

In today's lesson we are continuing our topic on 'Portraits.' For today we are going to think about a famous artist called Pablo Picasso, and how he used colour in his portraits. We'll think about how colour can be used in portraits to show emotions and feelings. You will then look at some photographs of people and create a portrait of one of them (remember how you created your self-portraits last week) and use colour to show emotions and feeling. Unfortunately the video lesson wouldn't upload as one video so it is in 2 parts. Click on the red links below to watch each part of the lesson.


You can access the photo pack you need for the activity by clicking on the link below. Remember you only need to create a portrait for ONE of these photos.


UPDATE - I'm aware that some people weren't able to see the Picasso video during the first video lesson so here is a link that will take you to the video about Picasso. In today's lesson we watch up to the 1.14 mark. We will watch the rest of the video in a later lesson