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Morning message


For today's maths you will be doing an assessment lesson. There is no video for today's lesson but instead you will be seeing how much you have learnt about multiplication and division. Please complete the worksheet below. If you get any wrong then use this afternoon as Finish Off Friday to go over any and become more confident. 


To practise using simple past, present and future tense.

For today's lesson please watch the video and then complete the worksheet below. I would like you to write out the extract again but this time change the verbs into the past tense. Remember your capital letters and full stops and also your neatest writing! 

Also see the You Tube song below that outlines what a verb is - you know the dance as we do it in class! 


Please click on the link below to access the animation for today's handwriting join. Aim to spend 10 minutes practising the join. Perhaps you could practise writing any words which use this join?


Story Time

Enjoy Chapter 1 of Rooftoppers with Mrs Charity. 

Finish off Friday

This afternoon is a perfect opportunity to go over anything that you may have struggled with this week. We may have sent you a message back asking you to change or improve something on your work so please check our comments.

Also, take a look at your maths assessment. How did you get on? Is there anything that you are struggling with or need to ask for help with? This afternoon is a great chance to develop confidence in areas that you are struggling! 


Your spellings have been uploaded onto Spelling Shed this week. You should spend at least 15 minutes practising your spellings every day. Mrs Purser will check at the end of the week.

Times Tables Rockstars

You should spend at least 15 minutes practising your times tables every day. Mrs Purser will check at the end of the week.


Make sure you read your reading book for at least 15 minutes a day. If you run out of books to read then Oxford Reading Tree have a large range of online books. Make sure you upload a photo of your reading record on a Friday.