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Maths - Equivalent fractions

Flash Back 4 Please write the subheading FB4 and number your answers.

Today our focus is on equivalent fractions. Fractions with different numerators and denominators that represent the same value or proportion of the whole. 

Video link 


Answers Please mark your answers in purple pen before you submit your work. 

Reasoning and Problem solving


Miss Roper's group. Equivalence of half and 2 quarters


TTRS Please spend 5 minutes playing

English / Guided reading 

Lesson introduction video with Mrs. Pagliari 

This week we will focus on the main character Lila and how Philip Pullman has created a strong, resilient and very smart female lead character. 

Oak Academy lesson HERE


Follow the story of Lila on her adventure to Mount Merapi. Mrs. Fincham has read the next chapter.  Listen to chapter 4 here.

The pages of chapter 4 are HERE for you to refer to.

Now you have listened to chapter 4 complete the correct character profile sheet. 

Character profile for Lila.

Miss Roper's group character profile. 




Get tested on your spellings and send us your results. 

Catching up afternoon

Use the time this afternoon to work on the comments sent by your teacher to improve your work.

Finish off any tasks you ran our of time to complete during the week.


If all of those have been completed, well done! Here are some extension activities to help your learning. 

This activity is linked to our class reader The Firework Maker's Daughter.

If you had chance to write a message on a lucky white elephant what would you write and why? 

Science digestive system reading comprehension.


Google meet at 2pm - Bring a joke and some paper and a pencil