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Morning Message


Please check your portfolio to see if you are in group 1 or group 2 this week.


For today's literacy lesson I would like you to take everything that you have learnt over the last few weeks and write a newspaper report about the wolf. You have written a lot of your paragraphs already so it may just be a case of writing them up in the correct order. You might find that when you write it up you want to change a few things to make your newspaper report flow better. 

I have included a template below for you to use for your ideas. Lay it out on paper as if it was a newspaper report and include a picture. You can do it on the computer if you like. 


Story Time

Click on the link below to listen to Chapter 9 of Rooftoppers. Then have a go at the following activity: 


Create a piece of music entitled, 'Rainstorm.' You can use pots and pans around the house, real instruments or even your body. Upload a video of you performing your piece of music. Can't wait to see!


Finish off Friday

This afternoon is a perfect opportunity to go over anything that you may have struggled with this week. We may have sent you a message back asking you to change or improve something on your work so please check our comments.


Time Table Rock Stars

You should spend 15 minutes on TTRS each day. This will be checked at the end of the week by Mrs Purser and dojos will be awarded.

Spelling Shed 

You should spend 15 minutes on spelling practice each day. If you want to use pen and paper and use other strategies to practice then please send us a picture of this so that we know. 


You should be reading for at least 15 minutes each day. Please send your reading record each Friday so that we can see how you are getting on.


If you child has finished their reading book the Oxford Owl website has a selection of free- ebooks available