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Here are the lessons for today's learning.


What's happening today?

Say our daily prayer and look at our visual timetable to see what jobs you have lined up for today.


For the next 3 days, we are going to practice writing all of the letters you have learned over the past few weeks.  I have attached 2 files: the first is a copy of the the full set of letters on one page.  You can use this to either copy the letters, or if you print it up, you can write on it.  I've also attached a handwriting workbook - it has 3 pages per letter.   Always start at the red dot and follow the direction of the arrow.


If there are letters you find more difficult, then practise these ones first. 


If you want to write all of the letters in a sentence, try writing this:


The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs.



Visit the Oxford Owl website to access their free e-library, which has Read Write Inc Phonics books to match where your child is at in phonics, and book banded books to match your child's school reading book level. You all have the login details for our class account to this site, but if you can't remember it please send me a message on Dojo.


You can also use books from your child's own book shelf for reading together, and you can now also join Earl Shilton's digital library. Don't worry if you're not a member of Earl Shilton Library, you can now join online. Just follow the link:


Physical Activity


Today we're going to Dough Disco with Mrs Oliver.


Today we are writing a thank you to Jessica for rescuing Trixie. Bronze, silver and gold choices today!



Video lesson
Lesson powerpoint - not narrated



Today we are doing a review of all of the lessons we have completed in this block of teaching in numbers to 50.  There is no lesson video today - you will have a PDF file that has questions for your child to complete in their book.  Please read the questions out to them and then ask them to write the answer (or you can write what they say if they have difficulty recording their written answers).  It would be useful to see what they choose first as their answer, and if they change their mind after talking to you, record this also. By seeing what errors they make, it makes it better for us as teachers to understand what we might need to go over again to support their learning.


The PDF file has the questions, but not in a single worksheet.

The pptx file has the answers and describes the approach to the lesson.



Once you have completed any work you need to finish off for this week, if you would like to do the Art activity,

This lesson includes some physical activity and equipment beyond pen, paper or pencil. Please make sure your child is adequately supervised.

End of Day Story


Mrs Oliver is reading today's story.