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Morning Message


Turn your writing into a radio advert

Writing comes alive when it is read out loud and performed. Please read your work and record yourself, then send us a video!

Top tips for performing your writing:

a. Know your writing really well so you can focus on the performance – practise a few times before you record it.

b. If you have a quotation or testimonial, you could get a family member to help or you could even put on a different voice!

c. You could make up a fake radio or TV show that the advert is on. Introduce the show, give it a name and then pass over to someone selling your product.

d. Listen to adverts on the television or radio and listen to the tone of the voices used. Practise imitating the way the words are spoken.

e. Now think about the tone of voice you are going to use on certain words or lines.

Remember we are being persuasive so you need to sound enthusiastic! Exaggerate your gadget; it is the best in the world after all! Try a catchy rhyme or jingle to catch the ear of your listener.

f. Be confident and enjoy it! Try not to re-record yourself 1,000 times trying to make it perfect.


Write out this week's spellings in your best handwriting. You will find your spellings on Spelling Shed.

Story Time

1. What do you think might happen to rooftoppers who grow up?

2. Sophie likes the movement of the starlings to ‘a ballet’. What does she mean? What image does this create in your head?

Finish Off Friday


Your spellings have been uploaded onto Spelling Shed this week. You should spend at least 15 minutes practising your spellings every day. Mrs Purser will check at the end of the week.


Times Tables Rockstars

You should spend at least 15 minutes practising your times tables every day. Mrs Purser will check at the end of the week.



Make sure you read your reading book for at least 15 minutes a day. If you run out of books to read then Oxford Reading Tree have a large range of online books. Make sure you upload a photo of your reading record on a Friday.