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Late/Absence Procedures

Absence in term time


Children who are clearly ill before school begins should be kept at home. It is particularly important for children with infectious conditions to be kept at home until the risk has passed. Please phone school as soon as possible to advise us of the absence; failure to do so will result in a home visit as we are obliged to ensure the safety of the child. If a child is ill during the school day and is unable to learn, we will phone parents and arrange for the child to be collected. We are not allowed to administer any form of medication during the school day.


Please be aware that persistent absence will be monitored and investigated. 


Permission to grant authorised absence during term time is at the discretion of the head teacher. However, in accordance with Leicestershire Education Authority policy, parents are discouraged from taking their children out of school for holidays or other planned events during term time. There is no doubt that absence has a detrimental effect on children both educationally and socially and attendance is crucial to learning.


We appreciate that family holidays are cheaper during term time. However, we encourage parents to think carefully before taking their children out of school for reasons other than illness. We are obliged to report such absences to the LEA and parents risk a hefty fine.


If you do wish to take your child out of school for any reason, please apply to Mrs. White in writing using the downloadable form. She will inform you of her decision as soon as possible.



Children arriving after the class have been taken to the classroom should enter school through the main door. They will then be asked to report to Mr. Phillips before entering the classroom. Mr. Phillips keeps a record of all children who are late for school and will act if lateness is persistent.