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Letters from the Headteacher


Dear Parents,


Unfortunately, the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t looking too good, but the summer fayre will continue and we will have to move stalls inside. Please come along and support this event.


Next year there will be a couple of staff changes happening

Reception—Mrs. Moreton and Mrs. Preston (whilst Mrs. Carter is still on maternity leave).

LSAs Miss Boshor and Miss Roper (whilst Mrs. Hallam is on maternity).

Yr 1—Mr. Wright

LSA Mrs. Oliver

Yr 2 Mrs. Woolman

LSA Mrs. Smith

Yr 3 – Mrs. Fincham  Mon-Wed, Mrs. Loveitt Thurs and Fri

LSA Mrs. Payne

Yr 4 –Mr. Payne

LSA Mrs. Pagliari

Yr 5 –Mrs. Moore Mon- Wed, Mrs. Charity Thurs and Fri

LSA Mrs. Purser

Yr 6 – Miss Pritchet

LSA – Mrs. Leadbetter


Diary dates for events for the remainder of this term are on the school website.


Kind Regards

Helen White

Tuesday 12th March 2019



Dear Parents,



Parents’ Evenings are coming up on Wednesday 20st March and Wednesday 27th March from 3.30pm – 6.30pm.


In order to help these evenings run as smoothly as possible, you are invited to come and look at your child(ren)’s work this Thursday 14th  and Friday 15th March and Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th next week.


Classrooms will be open each of these days for half an hour at the end of the school day. During this time, parents will be able to book their appointments for either of  the two Wednesdays on a first come first served basis. Any outstanding appointments, which need to be booked after this week, can be booked through Mrs Mitchell from Tuesday 19th March; this is for parents who are unable to attend the open classroom sessions.


Unfortunately, teachers can only offer one appointment per child in their class. I look forward to seeing you all over the next couple of weeks when you are in school. 



                                         Yours sincerely,




                                               Helen White





Dear Parents


Information about Momo

Momo has been around for the last 18 months and is not new. The media have managed to whip up a bit of a frenzy amongst parents. It was originally an app but that has been removed and it is now scary videos that are being distributed via WhatsApp, YouTube and online gaming (live streaming).

It is scary. A simple tip is to turn off ‘auto play’ on YouTube and ensure that your contact details are hidden on WhatsApp. Make sure the ‘no fill’ option is ‘on’ within Fortnite and all settings within your Xbox and PlayStation are closed.

Although MOMO is not nice, I agree with the article linked below, that the media have over-dramatised it. You should be aware that there are much worse things on YouTube than this - child porn within Pepper Pig, attacks, muggings, shootings and hard porn. Don’t spread the panic about Momo – get involved and supervise what your young children are watching, whatever it may be.

My staff and I will only be addressing anything linked to this media concern if children raise it themselves in school. 



Helen White

Friday 15th February 2019


Dear Parents



I can hardly believe that we are up to our February half term already, this term is whizzing by so quickly. The children have been superb again this term. I am always so proud of them especially when I show visitors around the school.  I always receive lovely comments about how friendly and well behaved the children are, they are an absolute credit to you all.


Mrs Carter begins her maternity leave in a couple of weeks. Mrs Preston will be covering her teaching time. Incorporated into the changes Mrs Moreton will swap her teaching and SENDco days around. So in EYFS, Mrs Moreton will work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Preston will work Thursday and Friday. I have also appointed Miss Roper to work in EYFS when Mrs Hallam starts her maternity, this will be during  the Easter break. The children in EYFS already know these adults, so I am hoping that the change in staff will be a smooth one.


As we finish for the break, please can I ask that when you collect your child(ren) today, you take their indoor shoes and their PE kit home too. A lot of the children have grown out of their pumps and as parents don’t often see these shoes, so you don’t often realise. Some of the PE kits are looking particularly grubby at the moment.


Please can I remind you to look at the school website with regard to the uniform list. Coats, hats and gloves should be plain navy or black. The PE kit is navy bottoms and a white tee shirt. Children may wear their fleeces outside for PE if it’s cold and even their coats if it’s really cold and they need them on for an outside lesson.


Have a lovely half term and enjoy your children being at home.



Helen White


Dear Parents,


Last week I followed up on several complaints from parents about the quality of Enterprise Uniform. I contacted the company and shared these concerns. I feel that the initial quality of the uniform which was provided by the company is no longer available to us. To cut a long story short, Enterprise have’ pulled the plug’ on providing our uniform.


This week governors and I have been looking into which company, locally, could provide our uniform to us. We have looked at both price and quality. Hole in the Wall can offer us the best quality, price and service (11 Lower Bond St., Hinckley). They will therefore become our new uniform providers. Although the prices are slightly higher than Enterprise, the quality is superb.


Hole in the Wall have also said that they will come into school a few weeks before the Easter holiday and the October break with uniform (so that parents can try the sizes) and that these two big orders will be delivered back to school. They will also be around for the coffee morning for our new intake to do the same thing. I will let you know as soon as uniform is available.


Whilst sharing information with you about uniform, please remember that the children must wear navy or black coats. Girls may only wear boots under navy trousers (not black), not with their skirts. Hats, gloves and scarves should also be plain navy or black.


Parents’ Evenings are coming up on Wednesday 21st November and Wednesday 28th November from 3.30pm – 6.30pm. In order to help these evenings run as smoothly as possible you are invited to come and look at your child(ren)’s work next week. Classrooms will be open every day Monday –Friday for half an hour at the end of the school day. During this time, parents will be able to book their appointments for the two Wednesdays on a first come basis. Any outstanding appointments, which need to be booked after this week, can be booked through Mrs Mitchell from Monday 19th November.


We have recently been reviewing our website alongside the company who host it. Our 'paperless' policy has worked well and our website is an integral part of that. Website statistics show that our calendar page is well used by parents so it's important for us to maximise its functionality. Please be aware that more information about each event can be gained by clicking on the relevant bar. Also, may we remind you that it's possible to link our calendar with your personal phone calendar.


Pantomime letters have been given to the children today: please look out for these and return with payment asap.



Helen White


Thank you to those parents who completed the Advent 2018 questionnaire. Please find below the summary of your responses.

7th September 2018


Dear Parents,


Thank you for your questionnaire responses; I have received 51 replies thus far. I will share my analysis in my letter next week. If you haven’t had chance to return your form, please use the online version over the weekend and I will include this feedback in the survey.


There isn’t much more to share with you since my letter last week, so in an attempt to keep information succinct, I will bullet point it below for you:

  • With the exception of parents who stand and wait with dogs, please would parents come into the playground to collect their children. This is to help us keep the children safe.

  • Please ensure that all your child’s clothing is labelled. We already have lost property which we cannot return because we don’t know who it belongs to.

  • From now onwards, please will children who are late report to Mrs Mitchell in the office. Mr Phillips is often engaged with parents at the very beginning of the school day.

  • A lot of schools may be having a Roald Dahl Day on Thursday next week, but we will not. We will be having our own themed day very soon and more information will follow.

  • Children who have pierced ears and wear studs need to bring their own micropore to cover their earrings for PE if they cannot remove their studs themselves.

  • Mrs Connor and I will be taking part in a CAFOD walk ‘Share the Journey’.  This is in response to Pope Francis’ call to highlight the plight of migrants and refugees. It will take place on Saturday 22nd September at 3pm, walking from the Briars to Crich Stand Memorial and back, finishing with evening Mass. Anyone is welcome to join us. Please talk to Mrs Connor or myself if you would like more information, or look at the CAFOD website.


As usual, I am available to parents most mornings on the playground if you would like to catch me informally.


                                                Yours sincerely,


                                                    Helen White





Dear Parents

Welcome back everyone. I hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and the lovely weather we have had. The children all look very smart and once again we have had a smooth return. The children are already working hard and as usual their behaviour is great.

From Monday we are no longer a maintained school. We become an academy, St. Peter’s Catholic Voluntary Academy, part of the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Multi-Academy Trust (CMAT). This trust is made up of 22 other Catholic schools across Leicester city and Leicestershire, 18 primaries and 4 secondary schools. I have no intention of altering our logo which is on our school uniform and would like us to remain being known as St Peter’s, Earl Shilton.

Today you will receive a questionnaire about the school. This is to help us with our self-evaluation. I have kept the format the same as OFSTED’s. Please return this to me next week and by Friday 7th September at the latest.

You may have noticed from the term dates on the Local Authority website that schools close for two days during term time to allow for teacher days. Our two teacher days will be either side of the October half term, therefore the school will be closed on Friday 12th and Monday 22nd October. All of our term dates are on our school website for this year. It is likely that the Multi Academy Trust will have some input into future years’ term dates, so please don’t rely on the Local Authority dates when booking holidays for future academic years.

Friday assembly time has been changed. This is to give us as much time as possible to concentrate on the core subjects in the morning lessons; it has been moved to the afternoon. Most of them will start at 2.30pm so that hopefully you can attend prior to collecting your child(ren). Any big assemblies, like Harvest or Mothering Sunday, where every class takes part will begin at 2pm. Achievement assemblies will continue to be on the first Friday of each month at 2.30pm. There will no longer be an assembly every Friday morning, please refer to the school calendar on the school website. Good to be green and birthday stickers will move to Monday assemblies.

Please can I remind parents to be punctual when dropping children off and collecting children at the end of the day. From now onwards, if a parent is more than five minutes late in collecting their child(ren) then the pupil(s) will be placed in the after school care club and you will be charged £3 per child for the first 15 minutes. If you are more than 15 minutes late collecting your children) this charge will increase to £6. This includes collecting your child(ren) from any after school activities, including after school and sports clubs.

I have to thank you for prompt payments into the cashless system; this has worked extremely well since implementing it a few years ago.

Just a word of warning, highways will shortly be putting up parking restriction notices by our zig zag lines outside the school. This will mean that you can be fined by either traffic wardens or the Police if you stop on them. Please continue to park with consideration to our neighbours.

We will be holding a half hour evening session (for classes 1 to 6) on Wednesday 12th September. This is for parents only to meet their child’s new teacher, get a better understanding of what will be covered this academic year and how you can best support your child with homework. There will be two sessions: the first at 6pm, the second at 6.30pm (teachers repeat the session). You will be able to look at the displays in the classrooms, look at some old SATs and test papers and ask the teacher general questions about the coming year. Mrs Coghlan will be running two safety sessions for parents in the hall at the same times. We have had to deal with a number of e-safety issues over the past couple of years and it is important that we work together on this to keep our children safe.

For homework, children are expected to learn weekly spellings, work on times tables and number bonds. There is also additional weekly work set by the class teachers and children should read every day. Please sign their reading diaries when you have heard children read at home, or for older children, on free readers, when you know they have read independently.

I will be holding an open morning on Monday 17th September. This is for any current parents or parents who would be interested in a place for their child at St. Peter’s, either this year or in the future (we currently have no places in Reception or year 2). Please phone the office if you would like to come and look around.

From now onwards, my letters will not usually be sent home on paper, they will be uploaded to our school website with a text notification as usual. If you have a child in years 1 – 6 and you do not receive a text message today from me, please contact Mrs Mitchell in the school office so that she can add your number to our list.

I am, as usual available on the playground in the mornings if you need to catch me informally. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Yours sincerely,


Helen White




Dear Parents,


Thank you all for all the support we have had throughout this year. I hope you all have a great summer and this wonderful weather continues for us. 


I have had to make some last minute staffing arrangements for September. This has been unavoidable, I'm sorry I haven't been able to let you know earlier than this. In September Mr. Wright will be teaching year 1. He will have Mrs Hardman and Mrs Oliver supporting him. Mrs. Moreton will  moving to EYFS to job share with Mrs. Carter. This will give her more time to spend as our SENDCo, a role which is becoming increasingly more demanding. Mrs Pagliari will be moving to yr 3 to support the teachers in that class. 


Today we say goodbye to Mr. Knight, Mrs Chadwick (Miss Warren) and our sport apprentice, Miss Harvey. I would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment to St. Peter's and tell how much they will be missed by us all. 


I am incredibly proud of St Peter's, both the pupils and the staff. This year all of our results from EYFS, the Yr 1 phonics check, the Yr 2 SATs results and the Yr6 SATs results have exceeded the national expectations. I will post these results on our website as we return in September.  The children return to school on Tuesday 28th August. 


God bless you and your children.


Kind regards


Helen White

Friday 22nd June

Letter from the head teacher


Dear Parent or Guardian,

Wow! What an amazing week we've had! The children have thoroughly enjoyed enrichment week and some wonderful memories have been made. I would like to say a big thank you to the PTFA on behalf of the children and the staff - without their support this type of enrichment would not be possible. I would also like to thank Mrs. Woolman, Mrs. Coghlan and Mrs. Charity for researching and booking the activities. 


The auditions for 'St. Peter's has got talent' took place during the week and the class winners performed in our talent show on Friday morning. The winners of the talent show, who will perform in the summer festival, have been displayed in school. If your child has been selected, please let their teacher know whether or not they can attend at 6:30 on Wednesday July 4th. If they can't, we'll fill their place with the second place act. 


Year 6 will be embarking on their adventure holiday on Monday! Parents of year 5, please see the letter addressed to you in the 'letters' section of this site (the children have also been given paper copies). Due to the rising cost of the trip, we are considering a change and the letter explains the details.  


Please consult the parent calendar for further end of year events - we have a very busy time ahead! 


Kind regards,

                                Mrs. Helen White



Friday 15th June

Dear Parent or Guardian,


We would like to apologise for the lack of communication this week - the text messaging system has been down since Tuesday evening but the company have assured us that it will be restored during Friday. We will revert to paper copies of important letters if necessary.          


What an exciting time we have ahead! Please consult the parent calendar for an outline of events for the remainder of the term - below are some details regarding next week:


  • Year 6 parents - You will see a new page in the 'News and Events' section of the website entitled 'Caythorpe Court'. This page contains the letters being given to the children on Friday. This information is very important and must be read by parents prior to our trip.

  • Special ‘World Cup’ lunch on Monday! - Our caterers are serving a themed lunch on Monday which will be eaten outside as a picnic. The menu will include hot dogs and ice lollies! If Key Stage 2 children want to take part in this special lunch, payment has to be made before midnight on Sunday via our online system.

  • Enrichment week - Please see the parent calendar for a program of events. This has been provided by our PTFA using funds raised and it looks really exciting! Please provide your children with the following:

    • Monday - Years 1 and 2 need to bring in a pair of wellies as the zulus are doing gumboot dancing with them!

    • Tuesday - Years R,1 and 2 need to bring in food and a teddy for their picnic. Their food should come into school on a paper plate which is clingfilmed. Please name your child's plate of food to avoid confusion.

    • Thursday - All children need to be dressed as world war 2 evacuees. At the end of the day you will 'choose' your evacuee from the playground!

    • Friday - Teachers will audition in the classrooms over the course of the week  for 'St. Peter's has got talent' which will take place during the morning. Children chosen by their teachers to enter will need costumes and music on Friday. All children will need materials for 'Den day' such as sheets, boxes and tape. They will also need a £2 donation towards 'Save the Children' as this is a charity event.


  • St. Peter's has got talent! - This fun event is scheduled for Friday 22nd June. Each teacher will be auditioning children who wish to take part next week and 3 acts from each class will perform in the show on Friday. A panel of judges will then choose the acts to perform in our 'Summer festival' on Wednesday 4th July.


Kind regards,


              Mrs. Helen White


Dear Parent or Guardian,


At long last our new build is finished and we have moved in! After half term the temporary office will become a teaching space again and Mrs. Mitchell will return to the old office which has been refurbished. The main entrance of the school will return to the front door and you will no longer be able to enter school via the ramp or through the Year 2 classroom. Children who are late for school need to report to Mr. Phillips who will be in Mrs. White’s old office. Thank you very much for the patience you have shown during the build - hopefully the phone and data lines will be re-directed over the holiday and we’ll be up and running!


As stated in a text sent out earlier today, one of our children has been in close contact with scarlet fever. This child is not currently showing symptoms but we have been advised to notify our parents. Please familiarise yourself with the symptoms which I believe are similar to a heavy cold.


Have a lovely half term holiday with your children and we’ll look forward to a pleasant few weeks to wrap up the school year. Teachers are already working hard to produce end of year reports which will be distributed in July. Please consult the website calendar for yearly events which have been scheduled for the end of the term.


Kind regards,

Mrs. Helen White (Head teacher)


For your enjoyment, the choir singing their competition pieces

Song 2.mp3

Dear Parents,

At long last we've got better weather! The children have enjoyed playing on the field this week and there's been lot of outside learning going on in the afternoons. May I remind you to put sunblock on the children if hot weather is forecast and our school caps are available from our supplier.


There has been a mixture of summer/winter uniform this week but we would like to see all children in summer uniform on Monday. Please see the uniform page on our website for a list of suitable items. Many of the girls are wearing a culotte version of the summer dresses this week. We are happy for the girls who already have them to wear these but please don't buy new ones until you have further notification from us.  I am currently working with the governors to authorise this change in uniform and we are working with our suppliers who have been asked to match the quality and price provided by other retailers. If this change is authorised, I  would like all of the culotte dresses to be the same. Mrs. Mitchell is also working with the supplier regarding the new polo shirts as they are a slightly different colour. We'll contact you regarding both of these matters as soon as we have more information. 


Thank you for being so patient while our phone lines have been intermittent. The phone company are working hard to re-route the lines to the original office and they assure us that the work will be complete soon. Our new build is looking lovely inside and we are very excited about it! 


Our children are very involved with our growth mindset project and they should be able to tell you all about it. Please see the special page on our website for more information. This page is updated regularly and it outlines the work being done with your children. If you wish to know more about this and how you can help, please speak to Mrs. Coghlan who is leading the project in school. We really do feel that it is making a difference. 


Please remember to check the parent calendar on this site for diary dates - this is a very busy term! The end of year dates have all been added. 


Kind regards,


Helen White (Head teacher)


23rd March 2018

Dear Parents,


I am concerned that the weather is too cold for the children to return to school wearing summer uniform after Easter. I believe that more cold weather is forcast for next week. Therefore I would prefer that all the children return wearing winter uniform until the weather warms up. This has been the first time I have had to make this decision and I hope it doesn’t cause anyone problems.


Thank you for your ongoing support, especially with all of the disruption caused by the building work. The new build is two weeks behind schedule due to all the bad weather we have had. We are due to have the new build handed over to us during the May half term.


I hope you all have a happy Easter. The children return to school on Monday 9th April.





Yours sincerely,



Helen White



A belated welcome back and happy new year!

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Dear Parents,

I have decided to bring forward Parents’ Evenings this term and fit these in before we break up for half term. This will ensure that parents are given up to date information about their child’s progress so far this academic year. If there is any additional support which can be done at home, you will have this in time for the holiday. These meetings will be next week on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th February. You are invited to come and look at your children’s books this week on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday after school to see their work and displays, and to book your Parent Evening appointment for the following week (this list will be available in the classroom).


The children (and staff) are coping very well with all the disruption caused by the building work, especially year two, who have so many more disturbances because of staff having to walk through their classroom. I know it will all be worth it in the end!


Please have a look on our website for information on ‘Growth Mindset’. We started this new approach to learning when we came back in January with the theme of perseverance. In February, we will be developing this further and moving on to our next topic of resilience. Please ask your children about their understanding of these positive attributes.


You will find all the diary dates for this term on this website.


Yours sincerely,

Helen White


Monday 18th December 2017


Dear Parents,


Sadly, Mrs. Haddow’s dad died this weekend. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Mrs. Haddow will not be returning to St. Peter’s next term due to family commitments. We are very sorry to be losing Mrs. Haddow, she has worked at St. Peter’s for ten years and has always been a valued member of our school community. Mrs. Pagliari will be joining us after Christmas as the year one Learning Support Assistant.


On Wednesday this week will be joined by the ‘Living Nativity’. This group should have been with us on Monday last week. We have been very fortunate that they have been able to fit us in again at such short notice. Wednesday will also be Toy Day. Children are allowed to bring in a toy, but they need to be responsible for their own belongings and I recommend that they do not bring in anything which is precious or fragile as school will not be held responsible for any toys which get lost or broken.


The children will return to school on Tuesday 9th January 2018. I hope you all have a very merry and blessed Christmas. Christmas Mass will be at 6.30pm on Christmas Eve at Ss. Peter’s and Paul’s in Earl Shilton.





Yours sincerely,



Helen White



Friday 8th December 2017


Dear Parents,


This week, I have completed the recruitment process to replace Mrs. Jenkins, who is moving to another school with promotion. Mrs. Woolman will be moving to teach year 2 after the Christmas holiday. She has previous experience of working with this age group and will be an asset in this Key Stage 1 class.


In year three, I have appointed two very experienced teachers who will work as job share partners. Mrs. Fincham will teach on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Miss Loveitt will teach on Thursday and Friday and will be in school on Wednesday afternoon to work with Mrs. Fincham. The children have already met these two teachers but will only receive this news today, before they leave school. These two teachers will be in school next week to receive handover information from Mrs. Woolman.


Thank you for being so patient regarding the disruption with the playground and the new build. We are finding the start to the day, even though we are squashed into a small space, manageable. However, the end of the day is not as easy to manage. Staff are finding the process of making sure all children leave with an adult (unless we have permission for other arrangements), much more difficult.


In order to keep the children safe, from Monday 11th December, KS 1 children will be dismissed as normal. KS 2 children (years 3,4,5 and 6) will need to be collected from the external classroom doors by their parents. Please be aware that once children have been handed over to you they become your responsibility even though they are still on the school premises. Mrs. Jenkins will open the gate at the side of the Reception playground to let parents through to the KS2 classrooms. Last time we had to do this (during the last build) we had children waving at their parents through the window and being distracted by the adults outside; please be mindful that this is valuable learning time for them.


Finally, on Thursday 14th December, at 5pm, families are welcome to come and join us to sing carols outside the Coop in Earl Shilton. Staff will be singing too and Mr. Payne has agreed to play the keyboard. Every year we have done this it has been really good fun and any money raised has gone towards PTFA funds. Please wrap up warm. The children look great in their school uniforms for this event. Everyone is welcome!


Next week we will have the school productions. Rehearsals are going very well and I am sure you will enjoy these plays. Times and dates are on the calendar on the school website.


Yours sincerely,



Helen White


Friday 27th October 2017

Dear Parents,


Harry Potter Week has been a great success. Thanks you to everyone who has been involved in preparing and delivering this to the children.

Parents’ Evenings are coming up. Next week (Monday –Friday) I would like to invite you to come into school at the end of the school day to look at your child’s work and their classroom. During this time you will be able to book your parents’ evening appointment for the following weeks Wednesday 8th and 15th November from 3.30-6.30pm. If you child attends after school club every day of the week, please feel free to ring the school and book your appointment.

Flu immunisation will happen on 23rd November. Everyone who wants their child to receive this should have already returned their forms .



Helen White

Friday 13th October 2017


Dear Parents,


School is closed for half term from Monday 16th to Friday 20th October. When the children return, they need to be wearing winter uniform please. Details of the winter uniform are on this website. Please can I remind you that hats, gloves and scarves need to be plain and in either black or navy. Girls may only wear boots under their trousers.


The lost property has been moved to the top playground, so that parents may access it more easily. If you look through this, please make sure you put clothing back into the bins when you have finished.


From next half term, I will be implementing changes made to the behaviour policy. If a child is given a red card, I will text the parent to inform them that this has happened, on the day of the incident. Red card letters will no longer be sent home. Children will be given a lunchtime detention on the day of the incident, or the following lunchtime if the incident happened in the afternoon. If a child has been given a red card they will not be allowed to attend any extracurricular activities which happen outside of the school day for that week.


There have been a couple of concerns from staff about children coming back into school at the end of the school day to collect items or use the toilet. When a child needs to return to their classroom or come back in to school for any reason, please bring them in and supervise them. Children and parents need to come through the main entrance after the children have been dismissed, as the classroom doors will be shut.


I would like to ask your help with packed lunches. At the moment, we expect children to eat their sandwiches before they start on the sweet things like cake or yoghurt. Some children have a huge amount of food in their packed lunches. Please could parents only put in food which they expect their child to eat at lunch. Please do not give them a selection of food to choose from, as this makes it difficult for us to work out what is expected of them and they miss valuable playtime. Any food which is not eaten will of course be sent home as usual. If infant children are not eating, they will be sent outside to get some playtime at 12:30, as by then they will have had between thirty-five and forty-five minutes of eating time (depending on which infant class they are in). Please continue to keep lunchboxes healthy.



Unfortunately, I still cannot tell you which children, from the choir, will be able to attend Young Voices. However if you would like to access the music and moves please go to Go into the children’s room and put in the code YVConcerts2018.


Fr Frank has invited any child who would like to be involved in Sunday Mass on Sunday 5th November to meet with him at Ss Peter and Paul’s Church on Friday 3rd November at 4pm. He will practise readings and prayers etc. with the children at that meeting.


Our building work is due to start in November. This should take about six months and will cause us a lot of disruption. I have been told that we will have to move out of all of our admin rooms. The top playground will be taken over entirely by construction. So, we will have to start using the other gate (at the corner of the EYFS/Reception building). The school office will be moved into the separate room in the EYFS block. I will give you more details of how the changes will be managed nearer the time.


I hope you all have an enjoyable half term break.




Yours sincerely,

Helen White (Headteacher)

Dear Parents,

On Friday 29th September, at 9am, we will be celebrating our Harvest Assembly. Each class will be taking part to thank God for the food we have. All parents are welcome to attend. Every year we ask each child to bring something for the harvest table. We are not having a Harvest Mass at church this year, as we have only just celebrated Education Sunday. This year the produce from the harvest assembly will be sold to parents after the assembly and the money raised will be sent to Hope House Orphanage in Nigeria. There is more information on this website about Hope House and why we are linked to it.


                                                       Yours sincerely


                                                                 Helen White

Please see attached instructions on how to add the website calendar to your phone/device at home.

Friday 8th September 2017

Dear Parents,


This will be the last weekly letter I will send home. I have received such positive feedback from parents regarding the new website; my letters will only be posted on the website from now onwards. I have managed to set up my phone to have our website linked to a screen icon which takes me straight into it; you would be able to do this too, for ease of access. I will of course keep sending out text messages to remind parents of events in school.


  • Sadly, Friday 22nd September, will be the last day for Mrs. O’Brien at St. Peter’s. Mrs. O’Brien has worked at the school for six years and has supported many of your children in KS1. She is going to university to train as a speech and language therapist. I think she will be an amazing therapist, as she is so skilled and works very hard. Our loss will be their gain and I wish her well in her new venture.


  • This Sunday, 10th September, Education Sunday, school will be involved in Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul’s RC Church, Melton Street. Mass starts at 11.30am and everyone is welcome. Please be there by 11.20am at the latest, as this gives us the time to hand out readings etc. Children may wear their own clothes this time and do not have to be in school uniform.


  • Next week, on Wednesday 13th September, we will be having a parents’ evening so that parents can learn about their child’s new school year. Teachers will be sharing their expectations and informing parents about how they can support their child’s learning. It is very important that parents come along to these sessions; you will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the year ahead/homework/planned trips etc. The first session will start at 6pm and will be repeated at 6.30pm (for years 1-5). Parents who have children in year 6 will need to attend a session at 6.30pm; this is a longer session and will over run.


  • Wednesday 13th September is also Roald Dahl Day. The children are not dressing up this year; instead they will be involved in Roald Dahl activities throughout the school day.


  • Please sign the ‘St. Peter’s Home School Agreement’, which is towards the front of the Boomerang Book if you haven’t already done so. There is also, the email and internet policy which needs signing and the media consent form, all at the front of the Boomerang Book (four signatures in total).


  • I am still concerned about the safety of our children outside the school gates. The road is inevitably busy at the beginning and end of the school days. There are a number of ways we can help to keep our children safe: Firstly, the Baptist Church has kindly agreed that parents can park in their car park at the beginning and end of the school day. Please don’t stop on the zig zag yellow lines to drop children off. Please park considerately if you are not using the Baptist car park as we are still managing to upset the local residents by parking on the pavements and across their drives. Staff will not allow any children out of the gate unless they are accompanied by the adult who is collecting them. The only exception to this is if a prior agreement has been made between a parent and myself and I have written consent or if a parent has a dog and is waiting beside the gate to collect their child. Finally, it would be very helpful if children who have been collected don’t go in and out of the gate between parents and friends on the playground as this makes the job of monitoring children leaving the school more difficult for my staff. We do not qualify for a lollipop person.


  • One of our pupils, George, has requested that we run a chess club on one of our lunchtimes. This is a lovely idea and in order to facilitate his request, I am asking if you have any chess sets which you could donate to school. Also, if any parents or grandparents would like to be involved in this club on a weekly basis it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me if you can help.



Yours sincerely

Helen White (Headteacher)

Friday 1st September 2017

Dear Parents


Welcome back.  It is lovely to have the children back safely; they are already working so hard and as usual the behaviour this week around the school has been superb. Also, welcome to all our new children too and all the new families who have joined St. Peter’s. I am sure your child will be very happy here during their years with us. The children look so smart in their school uniforms, I am so proud to be the Headteacher of this school. Thank you for all the kind words, gifts and cards which I received at the end of last term.


I hope you have had the time to look at the new school website. It is very easy to navigate and it looks so much better than our old one. The new website (same address) can be opened on tablets, phones and computers. Diary dates are all on the new website and therefore I will not include these in letters home.


Homework will change this term. ‘Bingo homework’ is being replaced with work which complements the work being done in the classroom. There is an expectation that all children will read every night. Supporting your child at home with reading/spellings/phonics is the best way to ensure that they reach the expected standard for their year group. The spellings and phonics will be relevant to your child’s needs. Sometimes spellings will be words which have been spelled incorrectly in their writing,  from the national curriculum list or they may be the common exception spellings (the ones which break the spelling rules), all relevant to your child’s needs. As well as this English homework, Maths homework will be set. This work will match the classroom work for your child. They will have been taught the skills but practising them will help to embed that knowledge.


Can I remind you all that payments for dinners, clubs and everything else is needed in advance and needs to be done via the school money website; there is a link from the school website to this address. Thank you for doing this for us, it helps to reduce the work in the school office.


There are still plenty of places in our breakfast club; there is more information on the school website. There is some availability for the afterschool club. Please contact the office if you would like to book your child into either of these clubs.


As usual I am available to parents informally on the playground in the mornings. Please make an appointment to see me if you need more time or privacy. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Yours sincerely


Helen White