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Letter from the CMAT March 2021

Dear parents,

It is with great sorrow that I write to inform you of the
death early yesterday morning of our beloved deacon, Rev.Robin Pollard.
For the past year or so he has been suffering with a form of leukaemia
which has necessitated repeated stays in hospital, sometimes for
prolonged periods, chemotherapy and blood transfusions. Because of his
lack of immunity this has meant that he could see no one either at home
or in hospital. He was vaccinated for Covid 19 three weeks ago, but his
immune system was so damaged that he actually contracted the condition,
probably from being in hospital, and this resulted in his death. I
managed to spend some time with him on Tuesday lunchtime despite the
necessary rigid precautions and we had a lovely hour and a half
together. Though struggling to breathe he was quite at peace at what was
going to happen to him. He lived and died as a man of deep faith and
true servant of Our Lord. We will all miss him dreadfully as he has done
so many good things among us personally and in his role as our deacon. I
know his presence in our school was much appreciated and he loved coming
to be with the children. I ask your prayers for him and for his children
Greg, Sinead and Chris and their families at this very difficult time. I
am also sorry to inform you of the death of Teresa Starbuck, also from
Covid 19 on Tuesday this week. It was only last Wednesday that she
became really ill and I managed to see her on Sunday evening. She was a
much loved member of our Earl Shilton community and one of our First
Communion catchechist's team. Please pray for her and her family as well.

It would appear that many of you are still unaware that our churches
have been open for Mass throughout the lockdown period. This has been
allowed by the government and has been much appreciated. You will be
welcome at Mass in Hinckley on Saturday at 12.00 noon and 6.30pm and
Sunday at 8.00am and 9.45am and Market Bosworth on Saturday at 5.00pm
and Earl Shilton on Sunday at 11.30am. You can follow the weekend Mass
on Sundays from 11.00am via YouTube and there remains a weekly
reflection available each Wednesday from 5.00pm. More information is
available from our parish newsletters and website.

This has been a dreadful time for all of us and some more than others. I
have seen first hand the work taking place in Covid wards and spoken to
several nurses who are feeling great strain - please keep them all in
your prayers.

Kindest regards,   Father Frank

St. Dominic’s Community

                                                          Team Ministry for S. W. Leicestershire                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Incorporating: St.Peter’s Parish, Hinckley,   St. Peter & Paul’s Parish, Earl Shilton

                                          and Our Lady and St. Gregory’s Parish, Market Bosworth

                                          c/o  St. Peter’s Priory, Leicester Rd., Hinckley LE10 1LW

                                                          Tel.01455 634443



February 11 2021


Dear parents,


Re: First Holy Communion 2021


You will all be well aware of the restrictions placed upon us by the spread of Covid 19 and how difficult this has made our lives when we are trying to plan anything. Thankfully, our churches remain open and there is Mass every day as usual. Our stewards have been doing a great job ensuring that everyone is completely safe when they come, and I thank them most warmly on your behalf. Had things been different, we would have now been over half way in our preparation for the First Holy Communion of practising children from our parishes this year, but of course this has not been able to take place, nor have many children been able to come to Mass because of shielding issues for them or their parents. Accordingly, in consultation with our catechists and the head teachers of our two schools, we have decided to postpone the celebration of First Communion this year and move it to next year. Furthermore, because of the logistical difficulties of preparing then over 60 children in our parishes, we will be moving the whole celebration of First Communion to Year 4, rather than Year 3, at least for the foreseeable future. The issues at stake are as follows:


  1. The children have not been able to come to Mass, to take part in the necessary preparation course on Monday evenings, or in the various activities and events associated with First Holy Communion, such as having a prayer partner, celebrating first confession, retreat day, children’s liturgy groups and so on.
  2. Many parents are in fact ‘home schooling’ their children at the moment and this is very wearying and time-consuming. To put our course on-line and expect them to follow it would be placing an extra burden on you which you might not welcome. It might also ‘overload’ some of the children with ‘just another piece of work’, when in fact this course is very important for them and you.
  3. They have already missed over half of the course, which would then have to be truncated and re-presented, which also takes time and effort
  4. We still do not know how all the pandemic will ‘pan out’ and whether in fact we will be able to plan any activity in our schools, parishes and homes before the end of the summer, if then.


I know that many of you have been asking about what is happening this year, but did not want to promise anything until I had consulted with everyone involved, including one or two parents, and seen how the situation was developing. I write this to you with a heavy heart, as any involvement with our children here in the parishes is always a source of great joy to me and to all of us, so not to have that this year is yet another disappointment in what has now become over a year of challenge and sadness. I look forward to being able to plan not only the great event of first Holy Communion with you, but also the many others which frame our year of faith within our church communities and give us so much to challenge us and also look forward to in the future.


With kindest regards,


Father Frank

Santa is coming to Mojos!

Menu change w/c 14th December 2020

October Half Term letter from the CMAT

RSHE Parents Consultation Information October 2020





School Census Day


Thursday 1st October is Census day.  On this day, all schools collate data for the Government, which is also used by Leicestershire County Council and our Academy Trust.  This does not affect you, or your child, but we have been offered a special menu for the children on that day.  Please book online through parentpay before midnight on Sunday.




Flu Immunisations - Wednesday 4th November 2020


Please find attached a letter from the immunisation team regarding flu immunisations taking place in school on Wednesday 4th November 2020.


This year, the immunisations team have introduced an online consent form for you to give permission for your child to receive the nasal vaccination in school.  


The form can be accessed here:


you will need your email address and our school code which is:




Please contact the office if you have any problems.







After School Sport Advent 


After School Sport Clubs


Dear Parents/Guardians,


As you may be aware, government guidelines regarding children and school sport are constantly changing. We are taking steady steps to reintroduce sport to St Peter’s, to enable the children to go back to the sport that they love doing.


With this in mind, myself and Mr Burgess, have planned after school sports clubs for the children. However, the format will need to be different. Children in all classes will have the opportunity to try a variety of different sports, ranging from football, tennis, hockey, basketball and many more with their year group bubbles! Due to guidelines different classes are unable to mix as they must stick to their bubbles.


After school sports clubs will start from your child’s finishing time until 4:15pm. Children will be collected from the gate where the staff car park is located. Please wait outside the gate until your child is ready for collection. The children will need their PE kit on the day of their session and all sessions will take place outdoors. 


The timetable below shows what days your child’s class has been allocated after school sport club sessions:


Monday – Year 3

Tuesday – Year 4

Wednesday – Year 2

Friday – Year 6


The cost of the club will be £1.50 per session which is payable through ParentPay. We will collate our registers and permissions from ParentPay.  If we have not received payment or the required permission prior to the first session, your child will be unable to attend.

Please be reassured that we will be taking every precaution to maintain social distancing and hygiene during these sessions.


We are starting on Tuesday 1st September and will last until October Half Term. 


Kind Regards, 

Mrs Fincham & Mr Burgess 


Letter from Fr. Frank

Letter from our CEO regarding Coronovirus

Dear parent(s)/carer(s),

For this Lent, we have been asked to participate in a fundraising exercise for CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development).  All of the Catholic schools in our CMAT (22 schools) have been set a challenge of raising the equivalent of £1.00 per person. For our school that means a ‘goal’ of £247.00.  

In our Act Of worship on Monday this week, we looked at the focus for CAFOD’s current work, which is supporting people who live in the Amazon Rainforest. Here the equivalent of the size of a Premier League football pitch is being burned each minute!!  I have asked your child(ren) to tell you about this in order for us all to understand what the danger is to people and wildlife, plus the devastation of our planet! I look forward to your support with this.

Best wishes,

Jean Connor

Lay Chaplain

Important letter for parents of Years 5 and 6

Leicester Tigers V Wasps special offer tickets!

FLU immunisations - important


Dear Parent or Guardian,

We have had a number of inquiries from parents of children who have recently had chickenpox as they are unsure about their eligibility for the flu jab. We have consulted the immunisation service for advice and the position is as follows:

  • Children who have had chickenpox or have been unwell recently can still have the jab as long as they haven't been prescribed anti-viral medication and they are well on the day.
  • It is possible to pull your child out of the immunisation after you have given consent but you MUST let the school office know. 
  • It is best to consent to the jab, even if you are unsure. If you consent and your child doesn't receive the jab for any reason, this will defer the request and trigger a follow up email telling you how to access the catch up system. If you don't consent, you will not be given this opportunity. 
  • The advice from the immunisation team is to give consent as this will keep your options open. If you want to access advice directly from them, please call 0300 3000 007.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Jan Coghlan (Assistant head teacher)



Flu Immunisations - Tuesday 26th Nov 2019


Please find attached a letter from the immunisation team regarding flu immunisations taking place in school on 26th November 2019.


This year, the immunisations team have introduced an online consent form for you to give permission for your child to receive the nasal vaccination in school.  


The form can be accessed here:


you will need your email address and our school code which is:




Please contact the office if you have any problems.


UNIFORM 22.10.19


Winter Uniform should now be worn until the Easter holiday.  Please note that coats, gloves, hats and scarfs should be plain navy or black.  Girls may wear boots under trousers only.



Navy blue skirt/pinafore or navy blue trousers

Blue shirt and school tie*

Navy blue jumper/cardigan with school logo*

White socks or navy tights

Black Shoes (boots allowed but under trousers only)

Plain navy/black coat

Plain navy/black/school* hat

Plain navy/black gloves and scarves

Blue hair accessories



Mid grey trousers

Blue shirt and school tie*

Navy blue jumper with school logo*

Grey socks

Black shoes

Plain navy/black coat

Plain navy/black/school hat*

Plain navy/black gloves and scarves

Mary's Meals

World Book Day 2019

Young Voices Final Reminders:


  1. Your child will need 2 x packed lunches tomorrow - 1 for lunchtime + 1 for teatime. (Free School Meal children will receive their lunch, so only 1 will be required). The children will be responsible for their own belongings during the trip, so please ensure they are in a named bag and the contents are disposable, so that the children do not have to worry about losing their lunch box/drinks bottle. Also, because of Health and Safety regulations at the venue, they cannot contain glass bottles or cans.


  1. It gets quite warm on the stage and singing is thirsty work, so plenty to drink is essential!


  1. Children will be given their YV T-shirts before we leave. If you have not ordered a t-shirt for your child, please ensure they have a plain white t-shirt to change into. All children should wear their usual school trousers or skirts (not girls pinafores).


  1. We will arrive back at school at approximately 10.15pm, but we will contact you on our way back, by text, with an update.

21.06.18 - Year 6 2019 residential trip

Letters sent home to the whole school will be posted here. Letters relevant to one Year group will be posted on individual class pages. 

16.03.18 - KS2 Netball

23.02.18 World Book Day Letter

23.02.18 Mothering Sunday Mass

Sports Clubs from 19.02.18

Please see the 'Growth Mindset' link under the 'Information' tab. It outlines the work we're doing at the moment on the way children view their own learning. Each month we're focusing on a different value which will promote a healthy attitude towards the challenges they face - during January we've concentrated on perseverance. The document below explains how you can help as parents:

22.09.17 PTFA

Year 3 - Football

Year 4 Residential to Beaumanor Hall

Illness, holiday, medical procedures