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Here are the lessons for today's learning.


What's happening today?


Say our daily prayer and then look at our visual timetable to see what jobs you have lined up for today.



We are going to start learning to write capital letters, a few each day, as children are already familiar with some of them.  We will begin with the letters that do not require children to lift their pencil from the paper.


We are starting a new unit on measuring.  Some days there will be 2 videos to watch - usually one will have activities and the other will have a worksheet.  I have tried to ensure that the pace is right and balanced, but should you find this to be too much, just watch 1 video per day - go at the pace that suits your child.  There will never be 2 worksheets to complete in a day.


There is NO worksheet for the 2 videos today.  They are activities aimed at getting your child used to the vocabulary involved with comparing lengths and heights.


Instead, I would like them to either:

1.  Make a poster showing the different vocabulary used with drawings to show what they mean,  or

2.  Compare objects, label them with the vocabulary needed, and take photos to send.


(This should make sense when you see the videos!)


Physical Activity


Dough Disco - with very special guests!



Lesson video

'Ordering the story' file in case you want to do this interactively or print. It is in 'powerpoint' format only.

Lesson powerpoint - no narration


We're continuing our learning with Oak Academy; this week we are investigating absorbency. 

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil to complete today's lesson. For the experiment, if you would like to take part, you will need: a sponge or cloth, plastic bag or cup, foil, cardboard or paper, cotton wool or tissue.

End of Day Story


Goldilocks and the Three Bears