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Physical education

Current extra curricular sports clubs: KS2 games (Tuesday), KS1 games (Wednesday) Dance (Thursday), and Football (Thursday). See Mrs Carter or Miss Harvey to sign up!


Our Vision:


‘Our aim is for all our children to be physically literate, be independent thinkers, confident learners and to develop a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.’


At St Peter’s this is our ‘vision’ for Physical Education in order to focus everybody in our school community on enjoying healthy and active lifestyle.

We are busy spending our SPORT PREMIUM and evaluating its impact – please see the links on our home page (or above) to find out more.

Here is how we structure physical education at our school:


We take part in varied competitions with local schools including the local Hinckley area swimming gala, ‘area sports’ athletics, and the local football league. We understand the need for competition in order to raise self-esteem and helping children to acquire life skills such as accepting loosing and celebrating achievement!

Extra-curricular activities:

We try to offer a range of extra-curricular clubs to all our age groups. Currently, we offer football for juniors, netball, dance, games and multi sports! The children also help to shape the extra-curricular provision through our team of pupil ‘sport champions’.

Physical Education lessons:

We strive to provide high quality Physical Education. Our school is part of the Hinckley and Bosworth School Sport and Physical Activity Network. This means we have access to support and training in the delivery of good quality PE lessons in games, dance, gymnastics, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities.

We also offer swimming lessons in curriculum time to ensure that our children meet and almost always exceed the national minimum expectations for swimming.

Staff have all been trained in ‘RealPE’ a comprehensive style of teaching physical literacy through fundamental movement skills. This equips children with all the skills they need to be proficient at any sporting activity. Find out more at

Our youngest children also take part in ‘Ready to Learn’ exercises as part of the school day, in order to help with coordination, core strength and overall levels of physical literacy.


Play, for young children, is so often physical and they spend a huge proportion of their day being active. We encourage them to do this by offering lunchtime and break time play equipment. We also have an undercover shelter where children can go during wet playtimes – to ensure they have had some physical activity. ALL lessons are active and children may take 'brain breaks' between or during lessons, in the form of 'take 10' or 'brain gym' exercises. We are also excited to begin using our outdoor mini gym and tyre park – made possible through an ‘Awards for All’ National Lottery Grant of £10,000!

We are hoping to encourage all staff and pupils to take part in a ‘daily mile’ initiative in 2017-18. This helps to ‘up’ levels of physical activity as well as improving mental health and wellbeing. Find out more at