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Elastic Band Experiment - Exploring How Energy Builds In An Elastic Band

Testing Everyday Materials To See Which Would Be Suitable To Use For A Raincoat

Investigating & Describing Properties Of Everyday Materials

Designing A House Using Everyday Materials For The 3 Little Pigs

Exploring Properties Of Everyday Matetials

Drawing & Labelling Human Bodies

Experiment To See If Sight Affects Taste

The aim of this experiment was to see if sight affects taste. The children were presented with 3 bowls of different coloured yoghurt, and the name of 3 flavours. By looking at the yoghurts they had to decide which yoghurt was which flavour. They decided that the pink yoghurt was strawberry flavour, the white vanilla flavour and the blue yoghurt blueberry flavour. They then had a taste of each yoghurt to decide which they liked best. The pink strawberry yoghurt was the class favourite, receiving 13 votes. However, at the end of the experiment it was revealed that all of the 3 yoghurts were actually the same flavour (vanilla) and the only difference was the colour of them which had been changed by flavourless food colouring. This showed us that actually the sense of sight can affect our taste as the sight sends a message to our brain telling us what the flavour is likely to be before we actually even taste it.

Investigating Whether The Shape & Size Of A Pine Cone Could Be Altered Naturally

Collecting Leaves To Identify What Type Of Leaf They Are

Labelling Parts of a Plant