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Virtual Achievement Assembly Friday 1st May

Whole School News

We would like to say a big thank you to parents who are supporting learning at home. You are doing a fabulous job! It's also lovely to see the the fantastic family time being enjoyed. ClassDojo is a delight to look at! Please be advised that there will be no tasks set on 8th May which is the Spring bank holiday. 

Dojo Awards

This week's awards go to:

Reception: Bianca and Nadia

Year 1: Maks and Lace

Year 2: Tyler and Effie

Year 3: Ruby and Lillyarna

Year 4: Zara and Emme

Year 5: Serena and Darcey

Year 6: Paris and Ezra

See ClassDojo Class pages for the reasons why. 

Mrs. Coghlan would like to mention Luca and Jenson in Reception for their responses to the head teacher challenges. They have completed almost ALL of them and posted pictures with huge smiles on their faces. Mrs. Coghlan also LOVED Bianca's slogan on her mask design!


Eva-Joan's mum is a nurse and she asked me which mask design she could use to put onto her mask during a shift. I told her the slogan on Bianca's mask and here she is wearing it! If you look very closely you can see the writing on the mask! 

Mrs. Oliver would like a shout out for Ayva, Errol and Phoebe who have completed all of the Bitesize activities this week! Finley made a pizza mask which made her smile!
Ava Rose in Class 2 learned how to play 'Happy Birthday' on the piano in 2 days!

Ava Rose.mp4

Still image for this video
Indy in Year 4 got a reply to her letter from a 93 year old lady!
Borys in Year 4 did a fantastic book review vlogg. It took a few attempts as he kept getting the giggles!


Still image for this video
Will in Year 5 did a super news report on the Battle of Bosworth!


Still image for this video
Oskar in Year 5 was graded online to his next belt (green-blue) in ju-jitsu. 
Jessie in Year 6 posted a super response to Mrs. Coghlan's 'Covid Super hero' task! She drew herself and decided that we are all super heros for staying at home! She's so right!

Sing a very loud St. Peter's 'Happy Birthday cha cha cha' to these two children!


It's Francesca in Year 2's birthday on 2nd May!

It's Borys in Year 4's birthday on 6th May!