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Virtual Achievement Assembly 19th June

Whole School News

Luca in Reception won our staff T shirt competition and here is the design!

Luca was obviously overjoyed and his parents are very proud - look at this smile!
Our uniform suppliers, Hole in the Wall, have produced T shirts for the staff with Luca's design on the front. This week we took a photo of some of our staff wearing the T shirts - socially distanced of course!
Hole in the Wall are so impressed with Luca's design that they are going to make the same T shirts for their shop staff too! Look out for them if you go in!

Covid Dojo Award

This week's Dojo Award goes to -

Reception: Ryan

Year 1: Theo

Year 2: Evelyn and Abigail

Year 3: Eli and Archie B

Year 4: Evie and Jacob W

Year 5: Maddie and Esther

Year 6: Paris

See ClassDojo class pages for the reasons why!


Bubble Star of the Week

This week's Bubble stars are - 

Reception Bubble 1: Sophia

Reception Bubble 2: Gracie

Year 1 Bubble 1: Maks

Year 1 Bubble 2: Ayva

Year 6 Bubble 1: Katie

Year 6 Bubble 2: Lennon

See ClassDojo class pages for the reasons why!

A shout out to James from Class 1 who chose to do some independent Science and examine how craters are formed!
A shout out to Ella from Class 1 who chose to draw a lovely picture of her dog Louis all by herself.
A shout out to all of Year 1 Bubble 1 for coming up with some lovely ideas about how they can shine their light like Jesus. 

Another shout out to Year 1 Bubble 1 for being super historians and finding out lots of different facts about our author Beatrix Potter. 



A shout out to Edward and Reggie from Year 1 for super maths work at home this week.
All of the children in Bubble 2 have impressed Mrs Woolman and Mrs Smith with their amazing work this week. They are showing us that they are nearly ready for Year 2!
A shout out for Noah D from class 3 who was super brave this week at his hospital appointment! Hospitals are looking a little different at the moment with all of the measures in place to keep people safe, but Noah soldiered on and received some great news about how well his heart is doing! He is continuing to work hard on cosmic kids yoga so keep strong, fit and healthy. We are all really pleased for and proud of you Noah!

A shout out for Seth from Year 4 who has impressed us with his hard work this week.

Adiena, also from Year 4, has shown incredible determination in the TTRS battle.

Class 3 v Class 4

Class 3 were winning for most of the week but just lost out at the last minute by a few points!! Great teamwork everyone!

Most valuable players in Class 3:

1. Tara

2. Jessica

3. Ciara

Class 4 are still UNBEATEN! It was very close though so watch out Class 4! 

Most valuable players in Class 4:

1  Alex

2. Adiena

3  Maria

What a great week for the Evans family!

A big St. Peter's Happy Birthday 'cha cha cha' to:

Jess Ke from Year 6 who has a birthday today!

Penelope from Reception and Layla from Year 2 who both have birthdays tomorrow!