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Virtual Achievement Assembly 3rd July

Whole School News

We are relieved to say that the Leicester lockdown area does not include our school. It would be sad to see our 8 'bubbles' ending the term prematurely. We are awaiting official notification of the Government's plans for opening in September as we can't base our planning on current 'rumours' in the press. We will of course work through the summer holiday to prepare our school and will inform you of the details as soon as we can. 

Covid Dojo Award

This week's Dojo Award goes to:

Reception - Cruz

Class 1 - James

Class 2 - Tyler and Francesca

Class 3 - Ella and Jacob

Class 4 - Chiamanda and Harry

Class 5 - Poppy B and Lisia

See ClassDojo Class pages for the reasons why!

Our Bubble Stars!

Our Bubble stars of the week - 

Reception Bubble 1 - Darcy

Reception Bubble 2 - Jenson

Class 1 Bubble 1 - Errol

Class 1 Bubble 2 - Millie

Class 6 - Isaac

See ClassDojo Class pages for the reasons why.

A shout out to Toby from Year 3 who has worked super hard on his tasks about the rain forest this week also but we wanted to give him a shout out for his excellent engineering skills as he made a reptile robot which he videoed whizzing across his living room!! 


Toby's robot in action

Still image for this video
A shout out to Paige in Reception Bubble 2 who has persevered with her phonics and writing, even though she found it tricky and wanted to just go and play with her friends.
A shout out to Oskar in Reception Bubble 1 who has finally become confident enough to talk in front of the adults and the class. We are so happy to hear his lovely voice and are proud of him!

Mr Wright wants to give a big shout out to all of Reception who have been trying very hard with their phonics this week. I was super impressed when your teachers told me how hard you had been working on your sounds and reading! Well done!

A shout out to Maks in Year 1 who has been working super hard on his numbers this week.
A shout out to the children in Year 1 Bubble 1 have been very kind and recorded messages to the children in Reception class, telling them all about the things that happen in Year 1. They have done this for Reception as Reception aren’t able to come to Year 1 for transition days this year because we are all in our bubbles.

This week more of Year 1 have been sharing the crops that they have grown from the seeds that were sent home at the beginning of lockdown. Here are Phoebe, Millie and Edward’s produce. They have clearly tended to their plants carefully to end up with such lovely vegetables


The children learning at home in Year 1 have done some super reading this week, and we’ve really enjoyed listening to you read your phonics books to us. Well done!

Well done to all of Year 1 who have been working super hard on their phonics. You have all tried especially hard this week with your sounds and reading and I have been so impressed with you all. Well done! :)
We’ve been getting arty in Class 2 this week and Mrs Woolman and Mrs Smith would like to say a big well done to all of the children who took part in our ‘Children’s Art Week’ activities! You are such a talented bunch!

Mrs. Woolman and Mrs. Smith were very impressed with Joshua and Dylan’s Harry Potter Great Hall Lego model that they created as part of our model challenge! They were both amazing at following the instructions carefully and showed lots of patience! 

A shout out to Millie from Year 4 who has been working really hard on her presentation this week. We have really noticed some lovely handwriting. She also did a super goblin’s picnic party in a shoe box! Well done.  
A shout out to Zara from Year 4 who has completed some super Rain Forest tasks this week. A pop up page for a rain forest book and a layers of the rainforest task!

A shout out to Lily in Year 5 from the Key Worker group - Even though she isn’t in Mrs. Charity's bubble, she has noticed that she is always working super hard in the classroom next door! Well done Lily! And look at this amazing piece of artwork which she completed this week!

Mrs White really enjoyed Melisa's poetry recital of ‘The Cave of Dreams’


Still image for this video

A big St. Peter's Happy Birthday cha cha cha to:


Louis in Reception and Ella in Year 1 who have birthdays today!

Lily-Grace in Year 6 who has a birthday on Monday!

Amelia-Rose from Year 1, Effie from Year 2, Alana from Year 3 and Paris from Year 4 who have birthdays on Wednesday!

Ruby and Nancie from Year 3 who have birthdays on Thursday!


What a lot of birthdays!