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Virtual Achievement Assembly 4th December

Here's a screenshot of our 'Virtual' assembly! It was fantastic to see everybody all together on the screen!

Whole School News

We are working hard to 'do Christmas' in school despite the current situation. We are avidly watching developments on the news and hoping that the spring will bring us closer to the St. Peter's we know and love! Our classes have begun to follow our 'Advent activity Calendar' and have posted the results on Dojo Class pages. We look forward to seeing some of the weekend contributions!

Advent activity calendar Tuesday 1st

Wednesday 2nd

Thursday 3rd

Year 1 memories

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Talia's memories

Year 1 memories

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Darcy's memories

Year 1 memories

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Ianis' memories

100 Dojos

The following children have achieved 100 Dojos!



Teigan, Zoe, Alex Best, Skyla, Archie, Quinn, Zac, Logan, Kenny, Evelyn K, Reuben, Sophie, Lexi 

Well done Reception!


Year 2

Amelia, Ayva, Eva, Isaac, Phoebe, Lace, Jasmira, Millie, Jacob, Errol, Harry, Ella, William , James, Reggie, Ronan, Daisy-Mai, Bella, Hannah, Edward, Finley, Arnie, Noah, Maks

Well done Year 2!


Year 3

Dawid, Evelyn, Francesca, Tyler, Amelia, Dylan

Well done Year 3!


Year 4

Tara-Jayne, Amelie, Archie C, Ciara-Leigh, Eli, Ella, Harlan, Jessica, Leo, Noah D, Santino

Well done Year 4!


Year 5

Alex, Eva , Jacob W, Zara

Well done Year 5!



Well done Reception for working so hard on their learning at home after a hard day at school! Special mentions this time to Lexi, Archie, Quinn and Poppy!

Well done Felicia, Aurora and Joy - who now know over 20 set 1 sounds.



All of Year 1 deserve a shout out for their super phonics work. They have tried so hard this term, and even though some have found it a bit tricky none of them have given up!


Emmett, Sophia, Gracie, Darcy, Dara and Penelope for being super 'Dough Disco' leaders and giving us great moves to help develop the muscles in our hands...and groove to the music!!!


Arthur for trying so hard with his handwriting.


Miya deserves a special mention for moving up to Stage 3 in her swimming lessons! 





Mrs Woolman and Mrs. Smith also want a special mention for all of Class 2 for working so hard on their phonics this term! They are catching up with the learning they missed and impressing us every day. 


Ronan- All of the adults in Class 2 are so proud of Ronan! He has been working so hard in school and at home. He is improving every day in all aspects of his learning and his attitude to learning is amazing, keep it up Ronan!

Reggie has blown us away with his marvellous maths work! He is really trying hard and showing us what he can do. Keep it up Reg!


Isaac continues to impress us everyday with his hard work and amazing attitude towards his learning! Well done Isaac.  


Bella Booth has been going above and beyond in her homework, especially her spelling practice which she does daily. It is having a positive impact on her learning in school and we are so proud of her determination!



In Year 3, Joshua Moore has been working hard in general, but especially in his writing. His story map for Stone Girl, Bone Girl was brilliant!


Luisa has had to miss some days from school due to illness etc but despite this, she has settled back into working hard, caught up on things she has missed, and her confidence is growing every day! Well done Luisa!


Slater has made so much effort recently in all lessons, including writing which he often finds challenging - he really deserves a mention. Keep it up Slater!


The whole class are making a big effort with their handwriting and presentation of work - well done to them all!




Year 4 have been working incredibly hard since our bubble closure, and have settled back into school well! A special home learning shout out to Niya, Harlan, Ciara, Tara, Amelie and Jess who all received home learning awards for their efforts to complete the tasks they were set with determination, resilience and perseverance! 


A special mention to Jack H who has been trying amazingly hard with his handwriting and to Jack L who worked hard to catch up and wrote fantastic instructions for how to kill a Gorgon!


Noah D has received his 4th Blue Peter badge, his music badge! Noah achieved this for the poster he made of his favourite band, Queen. We'd love to see the poster Noah!

Noah is very proud to have been awarded 4 Blue Peter badges. 


Despite only joining Hinckley swimming club in January and pools being shut during the  National lockdown, Jessica took part in Level X time trials for Hinckley swimming club at the beginning of November and her time for 50m breaststroke ranks her 86th in the country for 9 year old girls. She has now been promoted to the squad team and will have extra training sessions taking her up to 3 hours of swimming training each week.


She also represented the school at a x country running race at the end of October and finished 23rd out of 96 year 4 girls on a horrible windy day. We are very proud of all Jessica's sporting achievements, she trains really hard and it pays off with fantastic results.



In Year 5 Lorraine scored 59 out of 60 in her Times Tables Test this week! Amazing - we are super proud!


A well done to Eden who also got full marks on her Times Tables Test after being stuck for a few weeks! Amazing!


Two children really impressed us with their home learning when our bubble was closed. A special shout out to Alex and Zara for completing all the tasks set and showing a great attitude towards learning.




Year 6 have been working extremely hard this week. They have produced some superb writing in both their RE and Literacy which Mrs West and Miss Pritchett have loved reading. 


A special mention to Serena this week. Her hard work and effort has been noticed by Mrs West and Miss Pritchett, especially in regards to her Maths. Serena has also received the most dojo awards this week. 

Homework Award

Louis in Year 1 wins the homework award this month for his retelling of Peter Pan - he found this quite tricky because he kept getting muddled but he persevered and found a way to retell the story. He was so proud of himself and his video, and we are very proud of you too Louis. 


Still image for this video

Miya in Year 1 for her retelling of the postcards we had been doing in class. She was very nervous and worried about doing this video, but she persevered and she was very proud of herself for doing it, and we're very proud of you too Miya.


Still image for this video

R.E. Award

Miss Pritchett would like to give the RE award to her T6’s who have been running the Class Liturgy floor book all by themselves. Every week after our collective worship, they collate the information and present it beautifully. Well done! 



The cup of Kindness

The year 5 teachers are very proud of their girls who always look out for the other girls in the class and make sure that they have people to play with at break and at lunch time. That's good to hear girls! Well done!

Happy Birthday cha cha cha to our Christmas babies! They all have birthdays before the next achievement Assembly.........


Bella from class 3 and Millie from Year 2 who have birthdays today!

Oliver from Class 2 who has a birthday tomorrow

Miya from class 1 and Lorraine from Class 5 who have birthdays on the 12th December

Holly from Year 3 has a birthday on 13th 

Noah Dewis from Year 4, Tia from Year 3, Ella from Year 3, and Maks from Year 2 all share a birthday on the 14th!

Tia from Year 4 has a birthday on 16th

Sophia from Year 1 has a birthday on 17th

Serena from Year 6 has a birthday on the 20th

Maddison from Year 6 was born on Christmas eve!

Noah from Yer 3 was born on Christmas day!

Archie from Reception has a birthday on 28th 

Esther from Year 6 Has a birthday on 1st January

Maria from Year 5 has a birthday on 3rd 

Zac from Reception has a birthday on the 4th

Errol from Year 2 has a birthday on the 7th