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Virtual Achievement Assembly 6th November

Oh wow! We presented this assembly today as a whole school using 'Google meet' and it was amazing! Mrs. White and Mrs. Coghlan Could see and hear the whole school on their big screen! We shared all of these fantastic achievements and it was so good to come together as a whole school again. Thanks to the PTFA for buying us the cameras! We all loved it!

Whole School news

Welcome to the November edition of our Achievement Assembly! This one is a little bit different - we are working hard to make school as 'normal' as it can be for the children in the light of the latest lockdown. We have made the award structure as close to the usual monthly assembly as we can - a big thank you to parents who have contributed to the assembly via email. It's really important that we share these achievements with our St. Peter's family. 


VID_20201105_132905 (1).mp4

Still image for this video
Let's start our assembly with this lovely video of Class 1 singing! They did it yesterday with Mrs. White - she loved singing with children again! She's going to play it for Mrs. Connor who is going to have an operation on Monday. It's sure to cheer her up!

Dojo Awards

100 Dojos

Mr. Wright would like to award the whole of his class with their 100 Dojo Awards! They are clearly working VERY hard!



Logan for being able to hold his pencil correctly. 


Evie for sharing her interest in minibeasts with the rest of our class. 


Tiggy  for reading to her new reading pet every day. All of Reception class adopted a 'reading pet’ last week. The pets chose who they wanted to go home with and the children promised that they would read to them for 10 minutes every day. We have had some lovely photos of the children keeping their promise -  



Cruz for trying really hard with his Maths.


Henry for trying hard with phonics and reading.


Gracie for being a good friend towards others in the class.


Noah for writing a beautiful prayer all by himself for Armistice Day as part of his homework.

Ryan for also writing a beautiful prayer for Armistice Day as part of his homework.

A shout out from Luca's parents because he has learned to ride his bike without stabilisers, "With shed loads of determination he even managed to go on his own from a standing start!!"

Well done Luca. 

Mum and Dad are super proud of you and so are we!



All of Class 2 have been working very hard in their maths and literacy lessons. All of the teachers are so proud of their beautiful handwriting!


Look at Ayva’s beautiful handwriting!

Finley Cooper made it half way up Snowdon during half term! Well done! 

Hannah and Noah brought their African snails into school to show the class during our learning about living things and their habitats in science. We learnt lots of interesting facts from them!

Hannah also made and decorated her window with poppies in preparation for Remembrance Day. 

Eva was awarded her Bronze Level 3 certificate for Gymnastics. Since returning to gymnastics after lockdown she has jumped up 2 levels. Eva has been working hard on the bars and on the floor exercises.



Holly has been working so hard at home, completing and sharing her work on Dojo. We have noticed how proud she is (and rightly so!) Well done Holly - keep up the good work!


George has been working hard in class to achieve his target of completing set tasks and his writing is always neat and well presented. Good work George!


Abigail is trying hard to concentrate more in lessons and this is really showing in the work she is achieving. Her confidence and perseverance is making such a difference! Great work Abi!


Dawid and his brother Oskar in Year 6 received their first Blue Peter badges!

They earned Blue Peter Sport Badges 2020 for the sport activities they completed during the first lockdown.

Amelia Class 3 and Oliver Burton Class 6 are super proud that they received their first Blue Peter badge, the sports award. Amelia got hers because she has been working so hard at practicing her gymnastics and Oliver got his for working hard with his football to improve his skills. 
Dylan won man of the match trophy this week playing for his team - Stoke Golding Shields. During his match he made some amazing tackles and wowed us all with his dribbling and defending. He is a force to be reckoned with in defence! 
Joshua won man of the match last week. His confidence and skills with the ball have grown so much over the last few months and he scored his very first match goal helping his team to victory. We are so proud of how far he has come!

Evelyn did her first freestyle dance exam on Sunday and achieved an amazing 93 marks and an honours award with the Dance Factory!

George received Man Of The Match again at football this week. He played really well. He was in defence, so made loads of great tackles and made some good passes. He put loads of effort in and didn't stop running!



Logan has been working incredibly hard to improve his attitude to work and is producing some fantastic things!


Alana has been trying super hard to complete her spelling and times tables homework which has shown in her weekly test results!


Toby entered his first downhill mountain bike race on Sunday. It was a 6am start and 4pm finish! He was commended by the commissaire for being cool under pressure, he popped his rear tyre and still managed to finish the run. Overall he gained 7 seconds over the day. 


Toby also ran primary school cross country on Saturday in horizontal rain! His start was delayed by 50mins, he still gave it his all and managed 59th out of 118.
Jessica received her Blue Peter sports badge! Look at that smile! She deserves to be proud of herself!
Noah Dewis was awarded his green badge for his amazing letter to our local MP Dr Luke Evens, where he has managed to get bird and cat boxes put up in Earl Shilton.
He was awarded his sports badge for trying a new sport during lockdown, Noah took 'Cosmic Kids Yoga'.
His family are all very proud of him and we are too!



Eva represented St Peter's at Primary School cross country on Saturday. She unfortunately had a very disrupted start, but remained calm. She then fell over mid race and had to pick herself up and get to the line. She got 50th out of 76, and she ended saying "well that's racing!" ‚Äč

On Sunday Eva attended her first downhill mountain bike race. Racing girls up to age 16. It was a 6am start and 4pm finish, she did really well improving on every run, gaining a 6 second lead on her first time. This is her getting "air".



Congratulations to Rocky and Jessica on becoming a T6.

Big shout out to the whole of Y6. They have all got above 8/10  on their spelling tests for the past few weeks.


Well done to our Librarians for doing a super job, collecting, isolating and making sure classes receive requested books.


During our Judaism lessons, Class 6 noticed many similarities between Judaism and Christianity. There is especially a strong focus on forgiveness in both religions.  Because of this, we were inspired to create our own door of Mercy. This was based on Pope Francis’ idea from his year of Mercy in 2016. On these images, children wrote what was worrying them and what they wanted to apologise for. 

Homework Award

Millie Allen

Still image for this video
Millie in Year 2 has been doing some amazing video presentations for her homework! Here she is reciting facts about Florence Nightingale.

R.E. Award


Still image for this video
This is Quinn from Reception teaching his mummy all about what happens during a baptism.
Miss Pritchett would also like a special mention for her Liturgy group, Sophie, Lily, Maddison and Oskar, who prepared a beautiful Class Liturgy. Well done, we are very proud of you - maybe you can do one for the whole school on our webcams!

Cup of Kindness

Riley Young gets the cup of kindness this month! He saw that he had an elderly neighbour who lived on her own so he took some stew around for her to eat and so she didn’t feel lonely.
Tara also gets the cup of kindness! She had all of her hair shaved off to raise money for children with cancer. What a brave thing to do! So far she has raised £410! 

Happy Birthday chachacha to......


Poppy in Reception who has a birthday tomorrow!

Ella in Year 4 who has a birthday on 9th Nov

Alex in Year 5 who has a birthday on 13th Nov

Edward in Year 2 who has a birthday on 15th Nov

Finn in Year 6 who has a birthday on 16th Nov

Lilly in Year 5 and Arnie in Year 2 who have birthdays on 20th Nov

Abi in Year 3 who has a birthday on 23rd Nov

Lily in Year 6 and Luisa in Year 3 who have birthdays on 26th Nov

Joseph in Year 3 who has a birthday on 28th Nov

Jacob in Year 4 and Daisy in Year 2 who have birthdays on 1st Dec

Paige in Year 1 who has a birthday on 3rd Dec