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Year 1 Remote Learning

Here you will find the learning activities for your child whilst they are undertaking 'Remote Learning' due to the national lockdown. Click on the week that you need, then click on the individual day that you require in that week. When you click on the day you will find the resources you need (video lessons, links to resources, links to websites etc.) for that day's remote learning. 


Everybody's circumstances will be different, therefore the times and order that you approach the lessons will depend upon your individual circumstances. To help you plan each day I have attached timetable showing an example of what each day's learning might look like. This is just an example to help you plan each day - you do not have to follow this exactly, e.g. you might choose to do the Maths task first rather than Handwriting as this suits your circumstances better. 

As Mrs. White said in her letter, Literacy and Maths are a priority, as is phonics in Year 1, so if you are really struggling to support your child with their learning at home, please at least cover those 3 lessons each day if nothing else.


If you need any support or guidance, or you have any thoughts please contact me the usual way via Class Dojo.


Thank you for your continued support, it is very much appreciated.

Mr. Wright